Night Angel



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Sam Hennings as Mr. Joseph Crenshaw
Gary Hudson as Rod
Helen Martin as Sadie
Linden Ashby as Craig
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pearceduncan 9 / 10

Pretty good

Night Angel is a reasonably well made horror movie. A lot of it is rather dumb, but it's all pretty entertaining.

Isa Andersen looks great as Lilith, but she can't really act. Director Dominique Othenin-Girard does a lot better here than he did with Halloween 5, which is just as well. The script is a bit silly, but the movie is saved by some excellent setpieces and surrealistic photography.

It's no classic, but I reckon it's worth a look on a slow evening.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Nifty overlooked horror outing

Lovely and lethal succubus Lilith (a spot-on smoldering portrayal by gorgeous brunette knockout Isa Jank) poses as the cover girl for a popular fashion magazine as means of seducing and destroying men. It's up to nice guy art director Craig (a solid and likeable performance by Linden Ashby) to stop her.

Director Dominique Othenin-Girard relates the original and absorbing story at a brisk pace, ably crafts a strong sensual'n'spooky ooga-booga atmosphere (a descent into a deliriously lust-crazed hell in which a wild anything-goes orgy occurs rates as a definite trippy highlight), and delivers several startling moments of nasty gore. The clever and inspired script by Joe Augustyn and Walter Josten makes nice use of the fiercely competitive world of fashion modeling. The bang-up cast keeps this movie humming: Debra Feuer adds plenty of winning spark as the sassy Kirstie, Helen Martin contributes a spirited turn as feisty voodoo lady Sadie, Karen Black does her usual fine work as agency head Rita, Doug Jones amuses as geeky horndog Ken, and Gary Hudson jerks it up well as the smarmy Rod. The glossy cinematography by David Lewis provides a striking stylish look. Kudos are also in order for Steve Johnson's marvelously grotesque make-up f/x. An unjustly neglected sleeper.

Reviewed by kaderabekm 5 / 10

Heart ripping demon in the world of 80 's fashion

After brief narration giving a bit of information about Lilith, an ancient demon transforming into seductive woman and killing horny men since the dawn of mankind, the infamous Night Angel crawls out of the hole in the ground in front of viewer's eyes. Viewer's eyes will be pleased by the fact the demon already looks like naked woman. The only thing that gives away Lilith's true identity is a disfigured hand with sharp claws. The devil woman changes the shape of the hand before she goes on her manhunt and chooses a head of well known fashion periodical as the first victim. The boss gives the mysterious beauty a lift, Lilith invites herself into his fancy house, seduces him and then slashes his throat with fingernails while rich man's little son watches in horror. She also removes heart from victim's rib cage. Soon, redaction of the magazine becomes a place of witchcraft when Lilith decides to spread evil in the printed form. Lilith first causes a fight between two men at the discotheque, one of them falls into elevator shaft, the other one is badly injured by broken glass. Lilith introduces herself as the right hand of magazine's new boss played by Karen Black and turns the whole staff into zombie-like creatures. Craig, one of the employees, doesn't like the change of magazine's style and becomes another man on Lilith's death list. He tries to defeat the demon with the help of his girlfriend and elderly black woman who knows Lilith's hideous secret... Night Angel represents a perfect example of 80's supernatural horror, packed with mechanical monster effects and latex gore.

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