Night at the Eagle Inn


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 4 10 273

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10

Rather mundane and pointless...

Well, I will say that "Night at the Eagle Inn" from writers Erik Bloomquist and Carson Bloomquist does start out adequately and the writers do manage to establish a nice enough concept and build-up, but then the movie just collapses like a card house in a gust of wind.

When I sat down to watch "Night at the Eagle Inn", all I knew about the movie was that it was a horror mystery of sort. And with it being a new movie, a horror movie nonetheless, and it having an interesting enough cover/poster, then of course I opted to give this 2021 movie a chance.

And as I said, the movie started out well enough, but then it just slipped down a very slippery slope and never rebounded. And that made for a less than mediocre movie experience, and I have to admit that my interest in the storyline was receding gradually as the movie progressed. So writers Erik Bloomquist and Carson Bloomquist didn't really manage to compile something that proved all that entertaining or worthwhile for me.

Sure, if you are new to the horror genre, then there are things to enjoy in "Night at the Eagle Inn". But if you are a seasoned horror veteran, such as myself, then there is just nothing outstanding to be experienced here. And you might actually want to spend your time, money and effort elsewhere.

The acting performances in "Night at the Eagle Inn" were adequate. However, I wouldn't really say that the performances in the movie, even by the lead performers, was anything to write home about.

Ultimately, then "Night at the Eagle Inn" was semi-watchable, but it is a horror movie that came and went without as much as leaving a lasting impression. And I am sure that I will have forgotten about "Night at the Eagle Inn" come the beginning of next week.

My rating of "Night at the Eagle Inn" lands on a generous three out of ten stars.

Reviewed by ops-52535 5 / 10

there are only ...

One true wisdome about close circuit hotel horror movies and that is you are going to hell anyway, either dead or alive outcome, you are deemed to go to hell, and thats what this story is about...

small cast, some nervous winks and oneeyed blinks in the main male actors face, that seemed so tensed at the set.female main a few notches better but no more than average, and thats for the hole cast.

Storyplot takes small pieces and bits from really good horror movies , but fails on the act and slow plot. Its 50 minutes of nada, and the rest is just a hint of a scary movie.if you picture up dantes inferno in 7 levels where 7 is the most hellish level , shells that you only can enter and never leap out of, this comes barely to the second level of frights and purgatorial wrath.

Waking up from a dream in a dream might be fun if done properly but this was not what the grumpy old man came for. A low budgie shot on a wholesale location and sets due to shutdown by covid, didnt make much difference. Better luck next time, and do mention the one eye blink flutter for your next cast.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 8 / 10

The eagle night.

After finding the feature film duo on the opening day to be very disappointing, I decided to take a closer look at the feature films streaming/screening at GRIMMfest Film Festival. Taken by the delightful Ten Minutes to Midnight (2020-also reviewed),I was happy to spot a new title from the film makers, leading to me visiting the Eagle Inn.

View on the film:

Shot in the middle of Lockdown, the screenplay by co-writer/co-editor (with brother Carson) / director Erik Bloomquist take their earlier kitsch Horror manipulation of time and reality from 2020's Ten Minutes to Midnight, into a deliciously macabre Sci-Fi direction, with the shocks playing on the psychological terror of twins Sarah and Spencer Moss discovering that they have booked in the hotel for a night that never ends.

Accepting the offer of the night manager, (played with a stark contrasting calm by Greg Schweers) the Bloomquist's web the Spencer's (played with a terrific on-edge fearfulness by Amelia Dudley & Taylor Turner) into a wickedly harsh twist ending, which leaves them with the hotel guestbook.

Facing off against limitations of a real location and Lockdown conditions, director Erik Bloomquist reunites with Thomson Nguyen and impressively overcomes all the obstacles with a surreal, foreboding atmosphere ignited in long claustrophobic tracking shots, following the Spencer's sinking into the foundation of The Eagle Inn.

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