Night Child

1972 [ITALIAN]

Crime / Drama / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 784

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Mark Lester as Marcus
Lilli Palmer as Dr. Viorne
Harry Andrews as Headmaster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

Slightly confused, but always controversial

This is one of those psychological chillers which gradually creeps up on you, starting off slowly and later turning into something very strong indeed. It's an ultra-rare obscurity which has one of the most sinister children ever to appear on film - forget those young uns from VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, this kid is the real thing, the spawn of the devil. Or is he?

It's one of those films which doesn't feel the need to tie up loose ends - instead much is left unexplained and to your imagination. We never positively know whether the child is evil or not, only that he perhaps might be. The pacing is deceptively slow to begin with but soon builds up as more and more disturbing events begin to appear. And we've got it all in this film - voyeurism, incest - all involving the young 12 year old boy. This may sound a bit sick to you, but instead it's a decently handled film which uses the themes for the purposes of disturbing the viewer rather than disgusting him or her. In fact, there is no violence or nudity - instead, this is pure psychological horror, with little in the way of visual menace.

This film scores on many levels. Filmed in Spain, there is some lovely sun-drenched scenery to look at. The camera-work is involving and rarely are there any conventional shots - all scenes are shot to show the increasing madness of the situation. The acting is top notch - from Mark Lester, excelling in the pivotal role - to Britt Ekland, who is actually VERY good as the woman who may be discovering the truth or alternatively losing her mind. Harry Andrews also pops up in a commanding cameo while Hardy Kruger lends a masculine, powerful figure to the film.

This is somewhat unforgettable, dealing with adult themes which few others have dared to touch over the years. It breaks many boundaries and thereby becomes much more frightening than the conventional Hammer films of this period. It may be a little confusing towards the end, but it's a film that isn't afraid to take chances or underestimate the viewer and should be lauded for doing so. Once seen, always remembered.

Reviewed by gavin6942 7 / 10

Lost Treasure

A wealthy author's second wife (Britt Ekland) begins to suspect her 12-year old stepson (Mark Lester) may have murdered his mother whom mysteriously died in a bathtub accident. Hardy Krüger ("Sundays and Cybele") plays the father.

The film was directed by James Kelley ("The Beast in the Cellar"). The Italian version of the film credits the prolific Andrea Bianchi as writer and director, under the pseudonym Andrew White. The cast is strong, with child star Mark Lester ("Oliver!") and Bond girl Britt Ekland ("The Wicker Man") appropriately cast.

As of 2014, the cut version is available on CrypticTV (and probably YouTube), with the uncut now out on Blu-ray from VCI. Although, the latter is very, very pricey. Depending on how you see it, of course, the sound and picture will vary in quality. Overall, though, well worth seeking out for fans of 1970s Italian horror / suspense movies.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 4 / 10

"The Bad Seed" with a sexual bent...

Precocious 12-year-old boy, a thief and a liar--and possible sociopath--has been expelled from boarding school for voyeuristic behavior and for killing an animal; now, he's turned his attentions to his new stepmother, a sympathetic young woman in her 20s who comes to suspect (over her husband's objections) that the lad is spying on them...and was instrumental in his own mother's death. Deranged tale with a perverse, uncomfortably sexualized scenario that puts great demands on its two main players, pre-teen Mark Lester and beautiful (if sulky) Britt Ekland. Both seem to struggle with this material, which is often ridiculous when it means to be shocking and titillating. The narrative is choppy and fails to hang together, particularly in the third act which darts around hoping to set up a delicious twist ending but instead makes the participants look foolish. *1/2 from ****

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