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Pilar López de Ayala as Luna Nicholas
Eric Nelsen as Valerio
Ashley Reyes as Daisy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cekadah 2 / 10

A mix of - what?

If you decide to watch this odd movie and you get quite lost in trying to keep track of exactly what is going on in little tiny Oliver Nicholas mind don't feel alone!

First little Oliver Nicholas is suppose to be like 13 or 14 years old in this story but the child actor, Spencer List, appears to be more like 9 or 10 years old. Plus I had to read-up on this story after watching the movie to realize little Oliver had an imaginary friend!!! I completely missed this in the story! There is a whole scene where little Oliver is talking via telephone about this imaginary friend and little Oliver letting it die. I found that whole scene completely confusing! The only saving grace in that scene is when the younger brother Valerio gives his older bullying brother a taste of his own medicine. The rest of the movie is just a bunch of 5th Ave kids running wild and little Oliver coming to terms over his very ill nanny and little Oliver's sister being very bitchy.

And I know the setting is NYC in the 1980's but I seriously doubt an airline would allow a 13 year old to travel alone all the way to South America.

I found the move soulless and misguided in it's topic.

Reviewed by The_late_Buddy_Ryan 8 / 10

"Did you have to wear leather pants on parents' night?"

Don't much care for the clunky title, but we really loved this touching film memoir, set on Manhattan's Upper East Side in 1983. Thirteen-year-old Oliver has a jokey, extremely casual relationship with his bohemian mother, Luna (Spanish actress Pilar López de Ayala), and a deeper bond with the family's Chilean housekeeper, Aida (Mexican actress Adriana Barraza). When Aida falls ill, the family's thrown into chaos; Oliver's emotional meltdown is beautifully (and almost wordlessly) dramatized. W/d Steve Clark's naturalistic portrait of a pack of privileged kids in the year of David Bowie's "Let's Dance" also seems spot on—the boys acting tough and striking cool poses, the girls joining avidly in the boys' smutty talk, no parents in sight except the ultra-permissive Luna. We'd just watched the smirky Oscar winner, "Birdman," on Blu-ray; this modest film restored our faith in filmmaking as art and communication.

Reviewed by Jerominator 3 / 10


Main character didn't sit right. Just seemed a self centred brat who thought the world revolved around him. One minute a nasty little sh#thead, then all nicey nicey doting ont he housemaid. It didn't add up. Given the rest of his MO, I would've thought he'd be more likely to be the school bully than the touch feely housemaid empath. So I don't see the point of it. Just an unsympathetic main character who women seem to be unlikely magnetised towards and everything falls in place around. Some of the other characters were more interesting but it was all about this arsehole. And apparentley that is not enough lines so adding this padding. Wow that is poor IMDb.

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