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Haylie Duff as Molly Duggan
Meghan Ory as Carla
Chelah Horsdal as Molly's Mother
Jesse Hutch as Gavin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jessex_xy 7 / 10

Wow .. didn't know it was made for TV

I thought this was a decent sized budget movie. Well acted, great SFX, sound and presentation. I'll have to check who wrote, directed and edited this but I doubt these were anything but vets. Suppose it's the best TV movie I've seen.

That aside, I had two movies that deal with Sleep Paralysis on my list of want to watch movies but I suffer from it quite severe and it's a chronic problem so I waited until now to watch this one, the first for me. Admit it freaked me out a bit. Had my heart hammering away with the pulsing .. well, none of that, I'll not spoil anything. You can watch it yourself. Lately I haven't been catching breaks on movie quality but I can recommend this one as well worth the watch. Worth the time spent watching which seems rare these last few months. If I never post a comment here again (28FEB08, 1619) I shouldn't have watched it. Otherwise, until next time, enjoy.

Reviewed by sol1218 5 / 10

Sweet dreams, baby

(There are spoilers) Hard to follow made for TV flick with you not really knowing if what your seeing is either real or a dream. The movie has to do with this 1,000 years-old Hag, or Evil Spirit, that's been haunting sweet and lovely Molly Duggan's, Haylie Duff, ancestors since it had been kicked out of heaven and made to stay in a state of purgatory ever since. It's not really made clear what exactly Molly's relatives had to do with all this but they, at least the female side of them, had been dying in their sleep ever since and now Molly is in danger of doing the same thing.

The movie really starts to get weird when this Rasputin-like wacko Silas, Bruce Ramsey, unshaven and with piercing blue eyes shows up on the scene who happened to be in the same study group "Dream Central" at the collage that Molly is now a member of. Silas who during his travels in the Orient, trying to find himself, had been under the tutelage of a Turkish holy man for three years. Silas instinctively sees in Molly the powers of ancient wisdom that can defeat the the terror that's threatening her and her friends with death when ever they as much as go to sleep.

Silas who spent the last three years in a mental hospital after having had a complete nervous breakdown in his attempt to understand what's been going on all around him is now out on the streets and free to make a nuisance of himself. Silas does that by stalking and hounding poor Molly with his off-the-wall theories and his admiration of her mystical and God-given powers to combat the forces of evil in the world.

Eventually Molly get's the message when Silas invades her dreams and in a strange way keeps Molly from dying because of them. That in affect makes her a true believer in his powers of perception, of the worlds and dimensions beyond human reality, and drives Molly into having the same kind of breakdown that he suffered some three years ago. It turns out that Silas was right in contacting Molly and giving her the push that she needed in taking on this Evil Spirit and forcing it back into the Netherworld where it came from.

Exorcist-like ending with everything going haywire as Molly, now free of fear, takes on the Hag or Evil Spirit single-handedly and at the same time, by kicking it's butt, saves the now comatose and near-death Silas. Somewhat confusing but still interesting film with the pretty Haylie Duff, as the courageous Molly Duggan, battling both insomnia as well as the Evil Spirit from generations past to save whatever is still left to save in the movie "Nightmare".

Reviewed by hilhayls 9 / 10


Having seen Haylie perform in a drama on the small screen prior to this offering,I was looking forward to seeing her tackle different subject matter. Oh and for the person who posted that they didn't see the opening 10 minutes,all you missed was how they set the story for what was to follow.

The movie was scary,not in the "blood and guts and gore" way though. It was more like the kind which drew you in with the scenario,then refused to let you go,until you saw what pushed people to attempt to figure out just what the HECK IS GOING ON,and why is it happening to me? Oh yeah,and one more thing..for the other person who left a comment. The hag used the "little girl" disguise,only when she appeared to Molly,since that was when said hag first started trying to gain her revenge on Molly's mother. Don't remember seeing them offer an explanation,far as the hag assuming other forms,keyed specifically to other victims.

Haylie was very convincing in her role,as were the others who she costarred with. All in all,I would say that its worth watching,if they ever repeat the movie. I watched it 2 times all the way through.

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