Ninja Assassins


Action / Adventure

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tarbosh22000 7 / 10

It's Fong-Tastic!

Supremely silly in every conceivable way, "Ninja Assassins" is a lot of fun.

Much like the similar "Clash Of The Ninjas", this also starts with a multi-racial board room filled non-actors. In this case, the organization is called the "World Organization Of Peace". The letters WOP are featured prominently. Apparently, an evil-doer named "Nomad" is threatening the WOP-pers and there is only one man that can stop him: Of course, it's LEO FONG! (who did you expect?) The only problem is he is on death row and going to be executed. It is good that the "CYANIDE" and "ACID" are so clearly and cartoonishly labeled. Not to be confused with the "DANGER ACID" seen later in the movie. As Fong sits in some sort of gas\electric chair hybrid (The gas comes out of the chair) and the seatbelts are holding him in, we discover the execution was all a ruse, so he can shed his former identity and join WOP undercover in Manila.

Throughout the movie, there is a lot of torture with rats and snakes and you cheer when Leo unleashes his patented Fong-Fu on the baddies.

Everything here is great: the non-acting by the broken-English-only cast, the mustaches, the amazing 70s fashions, and the funky theme song that invokes both "Shaft" and "Poppa was a Rollin' Stone".

Further highlights in a movie of highlights include: A ninja popping' a wheelie on a motorbike, a ninja throwing shurikens in slow-motion, the "final field fight" which is a cross between awkward and laughable and eyeball-stealing brutality, the overall presence of Leo Fong which is just plain Fong-tastic and an unnecessary, but wicked boat explosion.

Contrary to what some people believe, the great Cameron Mitchell IS in the movie, but just in the last three minutes. Also this is under a myriad of titles. The most popular is "Enforcer from Death Row". This movie is not to be confused with "Ninja Enforcers" also reviewed on this site.

Fan Favorite Fong fights furiously with his Fong-Fu in this fun, fantastic feature film that features a final field fight!

Reviewed by udar55 5 / 10

Obviously not two movies edited together...but still rough!

A terrorist in Manilla named "Nomad" is extorting the Government for $45 million with the threat of unleashing a nerve gas on the population. The World Organization of Peace (yes, they have a sign that says W.O.P.) feels they can't send in a regular agent so they decide to use an innocent death row prisoner (Fong) about to be put to death. After an elaborate faked execution escape in San Francisco, Fong meets with the W.O.P. leaders and is sent to Manilla to stop this group. Before he leaves, the top guy says to him, "Have fun and stay sober." What?

That line about sums up this movie. For the first 45 minutes, this plays like two separate films cut together. But after that the characters from the two plot lines start coming together and you just realize it is really bad directing. Leo Fong, for whatever reason, is dubbed with a Southern accent. In the book Gods in Polyester, Fong claims this film was made for $50,000, which is relatively impressive I guess. Even more impressive is they made an action movie in Manilla without Cirio Santiago involved (and he claims they made a cool $3.5 million off it). The tape I have make a special point to insert a card saying "Special appearance by Cameron Mitchell" in the opening credits but he doesn't even show up in the short 80 minute running time. Can I coin the term "Camsploitation"?

Reviewed by monstermonkeyhead 10 / 10

Unintentionally funny kung-fu masterpiece

I have to vehemently disagree with the only other comment for this movie so far. Yes, this is a bad movie, but no, it is not boring. I was laughing quite a bit at the ridiculous plot, terrible acting, and kung-fu that's almost as bad as a Dolemite movie. And that's bad! What we've got here is a 70's American-Filipino kung-fu masterpiece of insanity! Some pimp bad guy wants to "wipe out the entire nation" with deadly bacteria and ninja warriors. So, The "World Peace Organization" sneaks a murderer, who is on Death Row, out of the gas chamber and hire him as an agent. With a plan like that they can't fail! The pimp bad guy feeds various "spies" to his pet snakes and flesh-eating rats. Sideburns and plaid suits are the horrendous fashion of the day. Among the assorted crew of colorful villains is a big ugly black guy wearing large hoop earrings, whose name is "monster," and whose once-white T-shirt looks like he used it as toilet paper, as there are quite a number of brown smears all over it. The end kung-fu death scene with the burnt-faced guy generated laughter on top of laughter from me at the moronic noises emanating from the mouth of his pizza-face. On top of all this fun, Cameron Mitchell puts in a forty second appearance as some government big-wig slurping on a lollipop like his life depends on it. This one is well worth your while.

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