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Reviewed by davidmax-86392 10 / 10

One of my favorite Ho & Lai films!

This movie is just ridiculous, it's fun af and if you don't think so I don't know why you seek out those movies in the first place.

I'm happy Mister Ho decided to cut Master Gordon into an actual Ninja movie, I couldn't even tell at first what was cut into it and what was the actual movie (until the Master, Richard Harrison entered the scene). In Ninja Protector for example he just edited Ninja footage into a crime-sex film, that made it hard to understand why Master Gordon was part of it all.

Ninja Avengers is pure and honest fun. Django Jesus mowing down dozens of Ninjas was the perfect and most insane finale ever. I loved it on every trashy level. The story itself is so basic level that it doesn't matter what exactly is going on.

Ninja Avengers is easily on the levels of Bionic Ninja, Ninja Squad and Ninja Challenge, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

If you are a trash enthusiast or love underground filmmaking then please watch this piece of cinematic gold as fast as you can.

The overacting, messy editing and nonsense conclusion make this the perfect Ho&Lai experience.

Drink a few beer, smoke a good one and enjoy the adventures of Master Gordon and Co.

10/10 on a pure entertainment level, as a movie this is a 3/10.

Reviewed by HaemovoreRex 6 / 10

The BBFC strike again!

This was released in the UK under the title, Ninja Operation 6: Champion On Fire. There's just one little snag with the said title though, for in what must surely rank as one of the most hilariously inept and bungled decisions in the boards entire history, the viewing adjudicator of this film for the BBFC (the British Board Of Film Classification) in all of their apparent (un)wisdom proceeded to cut out all of the ninja scenes in order to render the film more structurally coherent!!! DUH!!!!!!

What can I say? Well, I suppose I must commend the BBFC heartily for it's obvious non discrimination in the hiring of blatantly retarded anthropological throwbacks and morons at the very least. Yes, in fact let's all give this fine upstanding body an exaggeratedly slow and sarcastic round of applause.

I suppose to be entirely fair, the relevant adjudicator could be (almost) forgiven for this bungled attempt to get matters right though; They'd quite obviously never come across a Joseph Lai/Godfrey Ho cut and splice ninja outing before and seeing scenes involving luminous clad ninja edited into a completely non related movie they must have thought that the film was some sort of cinematic aberration in need of some help.

Just one little question though.....did they not read the title of the movie? NINJA OPERATION?!?!?!

Reviewed by Serpent-5 3 / 10

Another Ninja tacked in film from Hong Kong!!!

Just like those Thomas Tang "so-called" Ninja films that comes out on Imperial Video. This one has a tacked in plot of Richard Harrison trying to fight off European Ninjas in a footage that doesn't even match the film! The whole film is bascially a RED SUN rip-off (but this time Japanese steals a statue) that has a DJANGO like character carrying a cross that contains a gatlin gun. Boring, dull, but got some intresting scenes. Not recommended.

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