Ninjas vs. Vampires


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 2.7 10 486

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin6942 5 / 10

Hard to Judge a Film Like This

Ninjas battle Vampires for the fate of the world...

Let me be completely honest... this film arrived in my mailbox for review, and I shuddered in fear. Low budget, very cheesy premise... I figured there was no way this could possibly be good.

On the one hand, I was not all wrong. The low budget does hinder them a bit, making it appear like a group of friends with a camcorder running around in the neighborhood. Which is probably exactly what it is. Also, the costumes are really, really bad -- one in particular is awful (you judge for yourself).

But, the general concept comes off much less stupid when you see it in action, and had a bigger company tackled this and given it a better name, it may have a following. Where the film really excels is in the writing of jokes. They obviously knew they could not take themselves too seriously, so there is a joke every minute, often at the film's expense. One character is jokingly called "Destro" and "Doctor Doom" to heckle his cheesy mask.

If you do not know pop culture references, you may hate this. The story is good, but not great, and the acting is nothing special. Again, it is the jokes that sell, but if you do not know the movies and comics they reference, it may be over your head. Plenty of X-Men banter, and more than a few "Twilight" slams.

I cannot recommend this film to just anyone. The pampered viewer who needs the latest special effect and big names will hate this and turn it off after 5 minutes. Fans of the lower budget may find it to their liking. It is an ideal drinking film. Oh, and the rocking soundtrack deserves praise... that may have been the deciding factor between this film failing or succeeding. It succeeds, barely.

Reviewed by jason-mckinley-280-779843 1 / 10

step above cheesy fan fiction

This "movie" was uncomfortable at best. The premise would allow for a fantastic thrill ride of adventure. Who doesn't like ninjas? At first I thought that this could have been a guilty pleasure or at least an over sexualized 90 minute romp with ninjas.

This is the movie equivalent of your creepy uncle making a sexual remark about his underage daughter at a family reunion.

From the casting to costumes to weird gimmicks like enchanted windows, this was a total flop.

The fight scenes alone express how stupid the director thinks the viewers are.

Reviewed by starcry 10 / 10

Over all a very good watch

The only complaint I had for ninja's vs Zombies was its slow pacing at times and being overly long. Both of these problems have been fixed in this film and its very apparent the director is growing.

It is still grade B horror, or indie as they are calling them these days, but it has a fun plot tons of great fight scenes and some good laughs.

I you are looking for big screen production values I am afraid you may need to look elsewhere as the money spent to make this is not massive, however if you give it a chance I think you will be very happy with it.

Be sure to keep an eye on both this series and the director as I expect one or the other to be making it to the big screen one day!

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