No Manches Frida 2

2019 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 4.1 10 841

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maurodc 8 / 10


In 2016, I went to see a mexican comedy movie named "No manches Frida", mostly because a friend of my family and me played a small role in it, not precisely because we were very excited to watch the movie. But all of us were delighted and surprised of how much we enjoyed it. Compared to the mexican comedy flicks that have came out in recent years, I think that one was really well done and made me walk out of the theater happier than with any of the films that came out that year.

And now, the same director Nacho G. Velilla brought us the second part that was really hilarious too, but was it better than the first one? Was it worse? In my opinion, none of both. I'll tell you why.

One of the main differences we can find between NMF and NMF2 is that this sequel is more attached to the use of slapstick comical resources that are more exaggerated and unreal. In most of the cases, I hate that but here it kinda worked for me.

Now, the performances. Lots of people critizices few of the actors that play a role in this movie like Omar Chaparro and Martha Higareda saying that they are painfully bad in everything they act in. Seriously? Come on, this is a commercial movie that is way far of being art-house so I think it's pretty obvious that the performances won't be masterful. They did their jobs the way they had to. The result was funny. That's what matters. Period.

Overall, of course I liked much more the first part, but this one does not stay behind. It has moments that are hilarious as hell and it is entertaining from beginning to end. Go watch it without thinking much of what makes a film good or bad, and you might get something from it. Enjoy!


Reviewed by gomezpedro-98191 10 / 10

I loved it a lot

I recommend it too, it's an excellent Mexican comedy, great actors and actresses; the movie keeps you attentive to the screen at all times you want to know what else is going on ... without words: Excellent movie, congratulations to all the people in charge of this project.

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