No Mercy

2010 [KOREAN]

Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 7.5 10 6914

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by d-kokaki25 10 / 10

A must see movie!!!!!!!!!

I personally love Korean movies,and this one was a pleasure to watch. Thriller,anxiety,mystery,clever lines,good actors(brought me chills)...nice picture..great story.Could not even go to the toilet,did not want to pause the movie.

It has many twists,and a lot of shocking scenes. Left me thinking and haunted for hours.I could really see some things coming,but it did not matter.the ending was perfect.Already watched this 3 times!Not the typical American-crime- thriller you have watched... not a waste of time for sure.ah..those Koreans.. they know how to make your day! Beautifully done!fantastic film.

Reviewed by sjmd1156-1 10 / 10

Brilliant film, rates with the best!!!!

I went into this film cold. I knew nothing except that it did well in Korea. I had watched 'The Children' earlier in the week and it took me a few days to dry my eyes out over that one...the Koreans are so damned good at making films to genuinely tug on the heart strings. I won't give this very intelligent film a synopsis, I'll leave that to others. I've just finished watching this at home in the dark on my own, and that's how I like it. Good Korean films need to be savoured and enjoyed with no detail missed. No one else in my household appreciates these films other than the usual home made fodder and that suits me fine. This is a tense and sad film with a decent enough story line that gradually builds to one hell of an ending. It kept me on the edge of my seat from about 30 minutes in. I had to leave it 20 minutes in for a few hours as I kept getting interrupted first time around. Then I almost decided to not bother with it and to watch something else. Whoa! What the heck was I thinking!!! My patience paid off big time. That ending is the best I've seen in ages...but I seem to say this more often when watching Korean films these days. Beautifully done guys....fantastic film...shall I call it a masterpiece...yep along with several others I've recently seen. Someone gave it 3/10 are you nuts?!?!?

Reviewed by BloedEnMelk 8 / 10

Good Korean thriller, deserves to be watched

I am a fan of good Korean thrillers, and I also have a soft spot for Kyung-gu Sol. The man is a pleasure to watch. 'No Mercy' is not as good as for example 'The Chaser', 'Memories of Murder' or 'I Saw the Devil', but definitely worth watching. Though for the most part the script is not highly original, it still glued me to my chair for two hours, and the end left me in shock. Some things you do see coming, some you don't, and this ending was absolutely perfect and more than I could hope for.

This is the debut movie by director Kim Hyeong-Joon, and IMO, he has put himself on the list. I hope to see some more of him in the future. Kudos!

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