No Sin Unpunished


Drama / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 38

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jcroak-18174 8 / 10

A good movie with some comedy

I liked this movie, it was a thriller movie, but also had some comedy. I liked the acting, story and the direction. One thing that I kept thinking about was the fact that if Hero had shaved he could have done more, because nobody would have known who he was. Anyway, It's a really good movie so give it a watch.

Reviewed by childsdd 5 / 10

A fun infusion of Ghostbusters and The Frighteners in its make-up

This is a transcription of the verbal review By Geek Legion of Doom No Sin Unpunished from director Matt Green is a pretty good young adult+ horror chiller with a fun infusion of Ghostbusters and Peter Jackson's The Frighteners in its make-up. Taryn (Amber Erwin) and Megan (Krissy Notes) are two young women, friends forever as residents growing up in a small town miles from the fast lane lifestyle of the big city both caught up in the mundane routines of Nowheresville. But behind the smiles and simple lifestyle of some, all seems well is not quite as it seems and the deceptive smiles of some, behind lies hides a dark and disturbing secret that goes straight to the door of the town sheriff, John Stone (Ron Prather). A man who took Taryn in when she lost her parents but behind closed doors Taryn has suffered and now she is of an age and mind to expose him for what he truly is. Sheriff Stone cannot allow that. Taryn works as a waitress at the local town café and gets to know a passing through town customer named Hero (Jonathan Horne). A young guy who is on an archeological search for a lost site he believes to be in the area. He is an epileptic and his triggered fits bringing out visions on the near future. And when Taryn accidentally spills coffee over him, upon touching her arm, he has a fit and envisions her in a scene of blood-filled violence. When later walking her home at night, the two are attacked by a knife wielding maniac. Taryn is stabbed to death with Hero knocked unconscious and left at the scene of the crime positioned with the bloody knife in his hand. When Hero comes to, the sound of police sirens approaching, he realizes the terrible extent of his predicament and, in fear, runs off. Hunted down by the sheriff's men and dogs through the woods, Hero is suddenly assisted from beyond the grave by a supernatural force in the form of Taryn. She has returned to help Hero and seek his help and, in turn, herself to bring her killer to justice but she only has a couple of days to save her soul. For once her body is committed to the earth, she will be trapped in limbo between purgatory and ever lasting peace. For her and those who have suffered at his hands, the sheriff must pay and so, with the help of Hero and her friend, Megan, Taryn seeks to leave No Sin Unpunished. The film becomes a fast track to the supernatural on an astral configuration, reality breaking bus ride from the beyond.

At times it plays like an oddball mash of late '70's - early 80's bizarrely cool quirkiness with several out there characters popping up such as the sheriff's housebound blind mother (Deborah Childs) played quite brilliantly by the convincingly calm yet deranged counterpart to Norman Bates in full on mother mode - her speaking manner, her precise slow delivery, is memorably freaky. Throw in the ghost bus that pops up to help out Hero and Taryn ride out of danger on more than one occasion, looking pretty darn slick. Special effects-wise and a few surprise moments along the way, No Sin Unpunished delivers an enjoyable 5 out 10 viewing experience better than most low-budget undertakings out there. The highlight of the piece just has to be the opening sequence though as the movie opens right out into another movie all together and you wonder if you are watching a pirate video mistakenly released a disc under the name of the movie you actually purchased. Taryn and Megan are at the drive-in watching a grindhouse grueller to die for. An axe wielding psycho in a mask is cutting his way through the teenage cast. Blood, handsaw and groovy gory goodness galore with a jump out of your seat moment playing out with glee. It's called Daddy's Girl and, boy, do you ever want them to now bring this on, baby. No Sin Unpunished is well worth a look as it brings a supernatural brevity of old and a grueling grunge-style the likes of The Town That Dreaded Sundown and He Knows You're Alone to the table. All aboard the ghost bus! Thanks for watching. Goodbye for now

Reviewed by rrobin-72982 1 / 10

So sad!

Are you serious! The character Jacob should have just been named Toby. Who do you know that talks like that? Never make another movie again!

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