No Time for Love


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

Read Fisher Forrest's summary--it says it all

When I read the summary of the featured review for this film by Fisher Forrest, it sure said it all--"Ridiculous and trite, but it is fun to watch". I couldn't have summed the film up any better.

Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray starred in seven movies together and while they are all a lot of fun, this one is certainly pretty silly and trite. However, given the actors' ability to make even bilge watchable, this film turned out pretty good thanks to their professionalism and talent. With lesser talent in the film it might have struggled to even earn a 4 or 5--the plot idea is that silly and forgettable.

Claudette plays a woman a lot like Clare Boothe Luce, though instead of writing articles for "Life" and "Vogue", Claudette is a high-powered photojournalist. Her boss doesn't particularly like her, so he assigns her to to a photo essay on 'sandhogs'--men who build tunnels. It's a dirty job but not wanting to be seen as too temperamental, she agrees to the assignment. Once there, the film starts to become a bit goofy. You see, when she sees the über-macho Fred without his shirt on and muscles bulging, she is smitten with a desire to go slumming! And her infatuation only gets worse when she seems him get into pointless fights that make absolutely no sense and are so very contrived. Although Colbert is prim and proper and would never admit that she likes to see Fred kick butt, it's obvious to everyone she is smitten. However, it takes another hour until the completely expected final clinch to occur.

The biggest deficits in the film are the silly clichés and ridiculousness of the relationship between these people from two totally different worlds. I assume some studio exec must have noticed this, too, as towards the end you find out that Fred isn't really a sandhog but a talented engineer who happens to like working in the muck--making the pairing seem not quite so silly and vulgar (after all, he's a college graduate!). Fun despite the terrible dialog and plot. However, don't think too much when you watch this film, as it might make your head explode!!

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Musical Chairs - Sandhog Style

No Time For Love finds Claudette Colbert as an acclaimed news photographer who draws an assignment shooting pictures of the sandhogs digging a new river tunnel. When she photographs a beefy Fred MacMurray in a fight with some fellow workers, he draws a suspension and she falls for him.

But he's not part of her world, in fact she's engaged somewhat to Paul McGrath who is the publisher of the magazine she works for. But the two of them can't seem to get enough of each other's company, even with MacMurray putting some moves on burlesque dancer June Havoc.

MacMurray and Colbert were a pretty good screen team with films ranging from the very serious Maid Of Salem to the sophisticated Gilded Lily to the rustic The Egg And I. But No Time For Love just doesn't quite measure up to those other movies. At times the story just seems silly rather than funny.

Highlight of the film is the musical chairs game played sandhog style. Let's say this is a party game these guys both take seriously and party hearty with. There's also a nice scene where Colbert hires body builder Jerome DeNuccio to pose and make MacMurray jealous and he also deals with him sandhog style. Richard Haydn also has a nice part as a friend of Colbert's who thinks she and MacMurray are really suited for each other, try as they might to fight against it.

No Time For Love is a good film, but not up to the comedy standards the leads have both separately and together.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

like the pairing

High-minded famed modern photographer Katherine Grant (Claudette Colbert) quits Mirror Magazine once again after arguing with the editor. Publisher Henry Fulton has a crush on her and forces him to apologize. She insists that she doesn't get preferential treatment and the editor promptly sends her into the tunnel construction under the river. Her presence causes an accident leading to meathead sandhog Jim Ryan (Fred MacMurray) getting into a fight. She starts dreaming about the hunk and decides to confront it. Henry releases a picture of Ryan fighting causes him to be suspended. Katherine hires him as her assistant and rom-com chaos ensues.

I like the pairing of Colbert and MacMurray. The actors have a nice chemistry with physical comedy and biting lines. The main drawback is that MacMurray doesn't fit the meathead role. He can play clueless but once he put on a suit and bow tie, he no longer fits the blue collar superman hunk character anymore. I would love to see this remade. This is a fun silly little rom-com.

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