No Way Out

1973 [ITALIAN]

Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1237

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Alain Delon as Tony Arzenta
Anton Diffring as Hans Grunwald
Richard Conte as Nick Gusto
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erica-68 8 / 10

Tried to go straight but the gang wouldn't let him, now he must kill them.

Stylish, moody, innovative revenge-driven bloodbath. Also cheesy, of course, and sporadically very cheesy. It reminded me a lot of The Big Heat because it has the revenge plot set off by the exact same event, and the girl comes around to the good guy's side because of the same bad behavior by the bad guy. It's sad there's no Gloria Grahame but so fantastic that it's Alain Delon and not Glenn Ford. Could there be anyone as beautiful as Alain going around in a cashmere sweater and trenchcoat? Yet he's totally tough and icy cool. No one nowadays can touch him--though someone like Jude Law could try I guess. Hard for any girl to look good with him. The music was funky and perfect and there were several excellent car chases (and those aren't generally my cup of tea)--especially one willy nilly one in the woods. People also met their dooms in creative and bloody fashion, for instance in a junkyard cruncher. But beyond the cheese, the overall atmosphere was affecting and expertly pulled off. More creativity, excitement and freshness in that "forgotten" movie than most of what I've seen lately.

Reviewed by Bezenby 9 / 10

Probably the most stylish of all Euro Crime films

At the start of this film, hit-man Tony Arzenta wishes his son many future birthdays, so you kind of know how that's gonna work One accidentally blown up family later, Tony's out to get everyone involved. All he wanted to do was leave the mob, but we all know that there's only one way to leave the mob, and that's by industrial wait...

What made this film stand out for me is the overwhelming sense of style that is apparent in every frame. The primary colours are played out with precision in every scene, from the decor, to the clothing, to parked cars, everything is decked out in yellow, blue, or red. Watch the film and see what I mean. An immense amount of detail has gone into the cinematography here, and that makes the film worth watching.

Other than that - our leading man in icy and laid back, but it's Richard Conte who stands out for me as the mafia don. He's world weary and genuinely shocked that the mafia have accidentally killed a woman and a child, and his whole approach to the Tony Arzenta problem is handled in a business-like, resigned manner. Conte is great here, just like he was in The Violent Professionals.

This is a classic and was unknown to me until I received it as part of an Italian Crime Movie box set. One of the best (in my opinion, of course).

Reviewed by jotix100 6 / 10

The Sicilian

This film was shown on cable the other day in its English version. It probably would have been more rewarding in the Italian original, but that's how it came, and that's the way we had to watch it. The condition of the DVD was not the best one could have hoped for. It shows the transfer didn't go too well as the colors show a faded look.

The main interest for this viewer was to catch Alain Delon as a criminal from Sicily now operating in more sophisticated locales. When we first meet Tony Arzenta, he is celebrating his young son's birthday. Little prepares him, or the viewer, for what fate has in store for him. Suffice it to say, Tony proves to be a formidable rival as the powerful big guys get after him without much success. The action relies on special car effects, that while exciting, don't add much to the story. There is enough blood as Tony, who proves to be a man to be reckoned with, is always a step ahead of the criminals that want to kill him.

Duccio Tessari, a veteran Italian director of lesser known films was in command of this story that feels like a travelogue. It was shot in a lot of locations. The story of Tony Arzenta's rise and fall has its moments, but it has a dated feeling. Alain Delon does what he can to create the tension that is required for his character. He has been more effective with his other movies. Veteran Richard Conte appears as the boss of one side of criminals. Carla Gravina has a small pivotal role.

To be seen as a curiosity with a lot of car chases.

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