Nobody Will Believe You


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 178

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Plot summary

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January 17, 2023 at 05:11 PM


Top cast

Emily Brinks as Mean Cheerleader
Elvia Hill as Jenny
Emily Topper as Hannah Baxter
Lowrey Brown as Mr. Kurtz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chartreuse1 4 / 10

A disappointment until the last 10 minutes.....

Typical Lifetime fare except for the fact that the actress cast as Hannah was nowhere near high school age. The movie is full of continuity flaws and the acting was on the weaker side. It has a problem knowing which plot to follow and ends up meandering all over the place, for the most part. Skip it.

Reviewed by haroot_azarian 4 / 10

It was all going good until...

OK so I am not bothered how old the mother/daughter actresses looked etc. My problem was in the last five minutes of the movie. So mother and daughter are outside their home cuddling and watching their house burn. Next thing in the final scene the house is intact. Even in TV reality home improvement programmes construction workers don't work that fast!

Reviewed by Farfallina78 3 / 10

Such bad acting...

When the other girl(cheerleader) is arguing with her stepfather or mom's BF and she deadpans "You aren't my father and you can't tell me what to do." lol. Just reciting the line with no emotion behind it. And said guy seemed straight out of acting school as well.

As others have mentioned, the daughter looks just as old as the mom, so it was hard to really go with the premise.

Not one of Lifetime's better movies, for sure.

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