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Rutger Hauer as Narrator 7 episodes, 2013
Tom Selleck as Narrator 7 episodes, 2013
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Reviewed by tmelewis 8 / 10

Very good, but needs more continental view besides USA

For a series called North America, it seemed too focused to the US market and called some places that were Canadian, American, and some Canadian inhabitants, American. I'd like to see a more continental and balanced viewpoint in some terminology in the narration. OK, that's my only gripe really here.

Photography and production were first rate and I do recommend this. Shows of this calibre deserves a good reception because we need to see more stuff like this and take better pride of our great continent. The BBC sets the benchmark for this type of documentary, but this is a very worthy contender and I will definitely be watching all of this series. The cinematography is stunning and it's a definite must see.

Reviewed by amy-r-jarvis 9 / 10


North America has amazing and stunning photography. What the photographers had to endure to capture just the right scene was astonishing, and at times nerve wracking. Tom Selleck does an amazing job of narrating each show. As stated above by a less than desirable review, Mr. Selleck's political choice and right should not come into play when viewing or buying this series of DVD's. Also be aware that Mr. Selleck did not write the narration of North America, he was hired to read a script which he does a wonderful job of doing! I would like to see more North America films with him narrating, his voice is perfect for it. As for the music, it was actually funny at times (and keeps an audience of smaller people engaged, and lets older ones laugh). The theme song is perfect for the series! One review above stated that the series did not show animals further south... Yes it does, they went to Costa Rica!

Reviewed by wiyosaya 5 / 10

Yet another spectacularly filmed dumbed down Discovery Channel production

I am not going to say much about this except that since the show was filmed by the same company that filmed such great shows like Planet Earth, Life, and Blue Planet. Anyone who watches this miniseries should expect spectacular visuals that include some amazing, never before filmed animal behavior.

However, unlike the aforementioned Planet Earth, Life, and Blue Planet miniseries, it seems like there will not be a version of this that assumes the viewers have an intelligence beyond that of a simple watermelon. Unfortunately, it seems like The Discovery Channel thinks its American viewers are a lot that has a very low level of intelligence. If you have seen the BBC edition of any of the other series I mentioned and have contrasted them against the Discovery Channel's Americanized versions, then you will understand what I am saying as this series' narration once again falls into the very dumbed-down category.

As an example, and possible spoiler, I was left wondering why does the tide in the Bay of Fundy behave as it does? If there were a "smart" version of this series, my bet is that that question would have been covered.

Nevertheless, the visuals are spectacular. Next time, Discovery Channel, how about giving your American audience the respect they deserve and giving them something that is on par with BBC versions of these shows. Americans are not just watermelons.

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