North Sea Texas

2011 [DUTCH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 8329

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnphillip-chavez 10 / 10

Growing up true to yourself, true to others.

A wonderful film about growing up gay and straight: discovering who you are, what love might mean, and learning to deal through trial and error with the world around you.

Set in a lower class neighborhood near the Belgian coast sometime around 1960, the story follows a boy, Pim, and two slightly older neighbor children Gino and Sabrina, from about the age of six or eight until their late teens.

Neglected by a mother who dreams of being swept off to romantic places, the younger boy is more or less adopted by the mother of the two neighbor children. The film resonates with an affectionate realism that does not treat kids as wholly innocent or without personal resources. It deals on every level with knowing who you are, and then dealing honestly with yourself and with others. In the course of the film, the children discard childhood fantasies in favor of a reality that provides scope for realizing their dreams.

The cast is outstanding. The performances of Ben Van den Heuvel and Jelle Florizoone (PIm); Nathan Naenen and Mathias Vergels (Gino); Noor Ben Tahouet, and Nina Marie Koortekaas (Sabrina) as the young / teen aged children are incredible, especially given the age of the actors. Eva van der Gucht and Katelijne Damen play the mothers, in difficult roles - the one flighty and negligent, the other tired and without illusions.

The cinematography is superb. It catches both the poetic beauty of the coastal dunes and wet lands as well as the drab reality of lower class neighborhoods in Belgium, with a color sensitivity that is at once realistic and emotive.

The movie could have easily settled into maudlin sentimentality or romantic excess, but steered a course through difficult subjects with a mixture of restraint and realistic optimism.

Following the showing, every person I talked with found the movie exceptional. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by markswelby 9 / 10

An Excellent Film

I'm so glad I took a chance and watched this movie. It was a very sweet gay coming of age film. I think just about every gay man can relate to this movie, and remembers what it was like to have that first crush on someone. I liked the fact that there was no violence in this movie. No one gets bashed or bullied. And it even had a nice ending! The lead character (Pim) was really quite excellent in the role. I really enjoyed the fact that, often, he didn't even have to say much and could convey everything he was thinking with a look. I wish there were more movies like this one. The kind that you watch, and want to see more after it's over. Check it out. You won't regret it.

Reviewed by I_solved_Rubikscube_in_one_min 9 / 10

Heart-warming Romantic journey...

North Sea Texas is a beautiful, well-crafted and well-shot film. Wow, its been a while since I've seen such an amazing, unadulterated romantic journey. I'm not gay but regardless I fell in love with this film so much that I sat down to write a review here.

So the premise goes like this... Its about a boy named Pim (I'm not familiar with Dutch/Flemish culture but having seen a few of their films I think a lot of guys are named Pim) who is kind of an introvert, a dreamer, doesn't talk much and spends a lot of his time drawing the things he loves. Young Pim meets a guy nearby, Gino who is three years older than him and eventually falls in love with him. There is also Gino's sister Sabrina, who is the same age as Pim and their mother.

Pim's mother, Yvette, on the other hand is a feckless woman who spends most of her time drinking, singing and playing accordion at a local bar. Her entertaining skills have taken over her motherhood skills and clearly Pim doesn't like it. Then there is Etienne, a friend of her who pretty much escorts her and hangs out by the house all the time and Pim isn't a fan of him either. These troubles cause him to hang out at his best friend Gino's place all the time; and also at a local drinking hole called Texas, after which the movie's named. Gino's mother treats Pim like family and understands the fact that he is not lucky to have Yvette as his mother.

If a write more I might just end up telling the entire story and BTW I didn't spoil anything for you. I just loved this film.

The acting of everyone in the film was so immaculate that you can just feel the emotions of each of the characters. Sexual Frustration and coming-out is what this film is all about and its all so evident in all the actors' faces that you don't need to look at the subtitles below. The cinematography is breath-taking as it captures the lovely locales of the coast of North Sea in between scenes without taking our mind off the plot.

A special mention to actor, Jelle Florizoone, who did a fabulous job playing Pim. He was actually one of about 200 teenage boys who auditioned for the part of Pim, and was the immediate choice for the filmmakers. This is his first film as an actor. The entire film rests on the character, Pim and his life and he just makes the character come alive. The maudlin displays of emotion, the cheekiness of teenage love, the heartrending feelings of his first heart-break... Oh he was great! Just because its a gay-themed film doesn't mean straight people shouldn't watch it. It is an excellent film or rather journey of Pim which mesmerises us to 'live' the characters in the film.

Its a refreshing break over films where the characters indulge in a sleaze-fest all along and then, at the end, realise that love was here all along. Its a must watch for everyone who is tired of watching cheesy films, having the same story-line, over and over again...

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