North West Frontier


Adventure / Drama

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Jack Gwillim as Brigadier Ames
Herbert Lom as Van Leyden
Kenneth More as Capt. Scott
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Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

Save The Prince

India in 1905 was a country in transition and turmoil, the Moslems and Hindus were warring on each other and on other minority groups and everybody wanted the British out. The Congress Party was a going concern at that point and was still a vehicle for both Moslem and Hindu to work within.

If every single man at arms that the British Empire could command had been stationed in India at any time, they could never have ruled such a vast area in land and population. They did it with a lot of collaboration, some of it willing, some of it a matter of convenience. Very little of what is now India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh was ruled outright by the British. They worked in collaboration with the various rulers of the many provinces, some Hindu, some Moslem.

In this story, a Hindu maharajah's state is being overrun by Moslem rebels. Kenneth More as a British captain is charged with getting the small son out of the kingdom and to safety along with the child's nurse, an American played by Lauren Bacall.

On a train of one coach, More, Bacall, and the child Gorinda Raja Ross flee the kingdom. Other passengers on the train are arms dealer Eugene Decker, newspaper correspondent Herbert Lom, the wife of the provincial governor Ursula Jeans, and the governor's secretary Wilfrid Hyde-White. The train is driven by Indian actor I.S. Johar and more has a small group of Sepoy troops to help out.

The journey to safety is the bulk of the story of Northwest Frontier and on that journey all the people show their character. One of them will betray the others. All of them have flaws of a sort. The British really do believe in Kipling's white man's burden about keeping order among the people of India. To a greater or lesser degree they have a racial prejudice about the place. Only Bacall as an American and an outsider is seemingly free of it.

Not to say that most of them aren't a brave bunch because in the crunch most step up to the plate.

The story was written by Patrick Ford, John's son and others have pointed out that he borrowed liberally from his dad's masterpiece Stagecoach. The final attack on the train by the Moslem rebels is as exciting as that attack by other kinds of Indians in Stagecoach.

Kenneth More as the hero of the piece is not the Ringo Kid however. John Wayne was on his own mission when he became part of the Stagecoach ensemble, More is a British officer with a mission.

The various maharajahs and nawabs were all pensioned off as per the Mountbatten settlement in 1947. I'd like to think the young prince grew up and inherited his kingdom and got pensioned out of it along with a few hundred others of his class. One kingdom missed the settlement, that of Kashmir which is today the sore point between India and Pakistan.

Director J. Lee Thompson was at the beginning of a great career directing some fine action films. Northwest Frontier is a fine action film and you can learn a great deal about the Indian subcontinent in the viewing of it.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

British western-style adventure with plenty of suspense and action

NORTH WEST FRONTIER is a solidly enjoyable adventure story that might well be described as a British western. The setting is India at the turn of the 20th century, with Kenneth More and Lauren Bacall tasked with rescuing a six-year-old Hindu prince from a clutch of murderous Muslims who want to kill him and thus destroy his ruling family's bloodline.

Much of the action is centred on a train, with More and a clutch of passengers doing their very best to escape from an overwhelming horde of gun-toting enemies. And the film has a real verve to it, near-constant well-shot intrigue and suspense courtesy of director J. Lee Thompson, who would keep on directing strong action for the next thirty years of his career. It helps that it hits the ground running, offering some electric action at the opening that Hollywood can only dream of.

The rest of the film is a nice mix of character work and suspense staples. I think the production could have had twenty minutes or even half an hour shaved off it quite easily, but it's still an above-average effort. More has a naturally likable screen presence and is one of my favourite stars of the era, and he's supported well by a spiky Bacall here. Inevitably one of the passengers is a traitor and there are no prizes for guessing who given that Herbert Lom is in the cast, but he gives a strong performance of depth and class. Wilfrid Hyde White and Ursula Jeans round out the cast, although the real scene-stealer is I.S. Johar as the lovable Gupta. Containing slightly controversial religious themes that feel just as relevant today (if not more so than in the 1950s), NORTH WEST FRONTIER is one to catch.

Reviewed by Prismark10 7 / 10

Saving the Prince

J Lee Thompson was regarded as workmanlike director but this film along with The Guns of Navarone launched him to the big time.

The film is set in 1905, there is feuding between Muslims and Hindus as insinuated in the film, a divide and conquer philosophy promulgated by the British. Captain Scott (Kenneth More) is charged with the safety of a young Hindu Prince who he has to take to Delhi. They take off on a train but it will be an eventful ride.

The film was made in 1959 yet the film is rather modern and cynical in the way it discusses colonialism, communal rivalries, even the arms trade. At the same time is also has views that probably resonated in the post war period in which it was made. The colonial superiority that some people have such as Ursula Jeans, the Governor's wife in the film. The British brought civilisation over with them, as if the Taj Mahal was built by magic.

The film was shot in location is Spain, India and in the studio in England. The opening scenes were shot in the Amber Fort in Rajasthan and as we went there the fort did look familiar to us. Tension mounts as we then go to the claustrophobic atmosphere of the train as we find out more about the characters. Herbert Lom plays a cynical journalist, Lauren Bacall the prince's American governess with an enlightened attitude, Wilfrid Hyde White as a diplomat, Eugene Deckers as an arms dealer.

We find contrasts in attitudes which drives the film along with the action as the rebels advance. Thompson directs with a sure touch in keeping the film thrilling. An enjoyable action yarn.

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