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Comedy / Crime / Mystery

IMDb Rating 4.9 10 158

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Nancy Allen as Lois
Alice Ghostley as Doris Denver
David Naughton as Barry Denver
Alan Rosenberg as Bernie

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frankfob 2 / 10

Virtually unwatchable

This jaw-droppingly unfunny, embarrassing "satire" on tabloid publications and political corruption has no pacing, no timing, no humor, no brains, no nothing. Paul Bartel has always been--for the most part, anyway--a good director with a wicked sense of humor, as the black comedy "Eating Raoul" and the hilarious parody "Death Race 2000" have shown, so God only knows what happened here, but this disjointed mess is virtually unwatchable. It makes Sylvester Stallone's hideous so-called comedy "Oscar" look like a sophisticated drawing-room farce by Noel Coward. An embarrassment for all concerned. You'll lose brain cells just reading the video box cover. You've been warned!

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