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Roy Kinnear as Hoskins
Michele Dotrice as Nancy Rimmington
Leslie Phillips as Commander Rimmington
June Whitfield as Janet Rimmington
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by birdparker 7 / 10

Reply to: budget? what budget?

Its a shame that the previous comments seem to have focused on so much negative and missed the positive of what was always intended to be a very lighthearted comedy in the style of the Carry On films.

Sets, budget and production are certainly low priority but the script is classic British humour from the 70's and to me is easily as funny as the best Carry On's .. and some parts still make me laugh out loud despite having viewed the film many times to cheer myself up on a rainy day. The best of which has to be the wonderful Ray Kinnear's encounter with the stripper/love interest in the bushes outside the house.

As for the 'self referential marxist theme'comment (??!) I can only say lighten up! This is a silly piece of comedy, not a Chekov play. In a world where CGI is beginning to replace any semblance of a script, its refreshing to see something so simple and intended purely for entertainment.

Reviewed by Kistal3 10 / 10

A very funny film

I think its one of the most funniest films I've ever seen, makes a pleasant change to have a film with NO BAD LANGUAGE in it. Makes me laugh from start to finish,and sadly not many films do that for me these days. I would love to get a copy of it on any format I can get, preferably DVD though, but video would do. There are a lot of famous people in it which play their part perfectly, and the music is enjoyable too. I don't know why every one gives it such a bad write-up, I would sure like to see it over and over again, hence why I want a copy from somewhere. The TV stations don't even seen to want to show it, its most frustrating. Can any one help me find a copy?

Reviewed by rocknrelics 7 / 10

Cheeky, bawdy fun!

How can you not like a film that has Carol Hawkins getting her kit off in the first 5 minutes?! A great little snapshot of an England that no longer exists more's the pity. Lots of cheeky British 70's humour which you'll either love or will be appalled by. A good cast too who give it their all. So often these saucy films fell flat, but this one doesn't, it's actually funny.

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