November Christmas



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
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Sam Elliott as Jess Sanford
Richard Fitzpatrick as Ted Zachary
Eric Keenleyside as Wade Miller
Max Charles as Gordon Marks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lloydene 10 / 10


If all movies were like this I would actually watch TV or go to the movies! This was an excellent film, well written, well directed, well acted. It's all about relationships, and that's what life is about! Thanks to Hallmark for another outstanding performance and to the wonderful cast! I appreciated the fact that God and prayer were given proper respect and significance. I also appreciated the way our human condition (sickness, broken relationships, death) was dealt with as being a part of life. Life isn't always fair and hard times come, but the way we deal with it speaks of character and faith and perseverance, and taking joy where we find it. This is one movie that I would actually buy and make a family tradition to watch. Thank you!

Reviewed by hawgcaller 10 / 10

November Christmas 2013

As I was flipping channels, looking for something interesting, I found November Christmas. As I checked on the information, I saw that Sam Elliot was in this movie. Enough for me to watch......

I once read where he saw some parts that he had passed up on, then later thought that he could have done that...

I have always admired his work and felt that he could have/should have been a mega star, very much in the caliber of John Wayne, just in our era of time.

In my view, we do not have many actors in the caliber of our hero, John Wayne. Mr Elliot has stretched his acting legs many times, in different movies and different types of roles and he has excelled in each, as I expected.

In "November Christmas", Sam plays an aging neighbor to a family in crisis.This family in crisis, allows him to do a "do over" from a crisis in his past. This is something that he missed in his real life, so he gets to address that concept on screen. Sam personifies someone that is bitter from circumstances of the past, who transforms into a wonderful, Grandfatherly figure, with a new opportunity to right the past. He does just that, in grand fashion. It is saddening for me to understand what his age is, and to know that even tho he never attained the reputation of a John Wayne, He will always be a hero for me, and a truly grand actor, in my view.

Reviewed by cardsbymarianne 10 / 10


I did miss the beginning of this movie but quickly found myself involved in it fully. This movie made me long for a time when you knew your neighbours and could count on them when you needed them. The neighbours in this movie go above and beyond with their wonderful surprises to make a little girl happy. I say get yourself a hot chocolate, a nice warm fuzzy blanket and a box of tissues for all those tender moments! This movie was well directed and the actors truly brought the characters to life. The scenery was also quite beautiful, I believe it was filmed in Nova Scotia. The Christmas Tree farm is especially beautiful! Just when I finished having a tearful moment over an act of kindness, they would come up with another one. If more movies were made like this I would honestly enjoy watching TV more. November Christmas is totally a family movie, no need to worry about foul language, nudity or violence. I would definitely recommend this movie and look forward to seeing it again.

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