Nowhere Special



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamesedge-94231 10 / 10

A hidden gem

Fantastic but heartbreaking story. Norton is excellent. Nice to see Northern Ireland on the big screen too. A movie that's full of heart.

Reviewed by jboothmillard 8 / 10

Nowhere Special

I watched the leading actor being interviewed about this film on The Graham Norton Show, he spent a lot of time with the child star and his family before and during production, and it sounded good. Inspired by true events, in Northern Ireland, John (James Norton) is a thirty-five-year-old window cleaner who has dedicated his life to caring for his three-year-old son Michael (introducing Daniel Lamont). His mother left them after giving birth to return to her native Russia without leaving any contact details. But John is now looking for a new family who will adopt Michael. John has a terminal brain cancer, and it is unclear how much longer he has left to live. But he chooses not to tell Michael the truth about what is going on, as he feels he is too young to understand and acknowledge the situation. John meets numerous families who are interested in adoption, and they all give compelling reasons why they want a child, making it difficult to choose which one is best. John continues to shield his son from the harsh reality, and continues to clean windows, but he cannot avoid being reminded that he will die. There are also incidents when Michael asks questions about death. There are moments when the situation gets too much for john, coping with parenting, and working with social service to choose the best family for Michael. Slowly, John's condition worsens, and he realises he does not have much time left. So, he chooses to sell his car and ladder, prepares a box of memories and objects to remind Michael of his father, writes letters for the occasions he will not live to see, and they spend a day together at a funfair. Finally, John decides that Michael should be eased into knowing the truth. In the end, John chooses a single woman to adopt Michael, and he smiles as he lets his son go to start his new life. Also starring Eileen O'Higgins as Shona, Valerie O'Connor as Ella, Valene Kane as Celia, Siobhan McSweeney as Pam, Chris Corrigan as Gerry, Niamh McGrady as Lorraine, Rhoda Ofori-Attah as Sharon, and Nigel O'Neill as David. Norton delivers an authentic and moving performance as the single father left reeling by a cancer diagnosis, and newcomer Lamont is compelling as his quiet but expressive, together they are fantastic. This is an emotional story of mortality and loss, which finds meaning in small moments of intimacy, a tearjerker full of heart that works well, a marvellous drama. Very good!

Reviewed by chrisbarker344 7 / 10

Well made and very watchable

Nicely out together film. Some very sad moments interlaced with touching scenes. The child actor is excellent and there is really well played relationship between father and son.

Not exactly a feel-good movie but nonetheless worth watching.

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