Nude Area

2014 [DUTCH]


Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 291

Keywords:   woman director

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10

Mute room in Amsterdam

You may know "Room in Rome" which is a very talkative film (apart from starring two women in a single room, being naked most of the time). Which sets it apart from this one, that also has 2 women who are attracted to each other but also contradict that feeling with what some may call despise at times. Others may call it "teasing" which is a sign of affection of sorts.

Whatever you want to call it, the characters/actors are not calling it anything. Because as my summary suggests (if you haven't read about it already), the movie is silent in that regard. And I was almost hesitant to watch this, because the only audio option I had was "German" on the menu of the disc and I knew this wasn't a German production. But as I did start watching it and realizing this would not future any dialog, I could concentrate on the visual aspect of it. Apart from different locations and a few other naked individuals running around, this is capable of telling the (love) story of two persons that seem to be made for each other (no pun intended).

Having said that, this may feel like a bore to quite a few people, especially when the pace is as slow as it is here. Whatever you may think of it, it is beautiful to watch (not exciting or explicit mind you and doesn't need to be)

Reviewed by user-35583 7 / 10

Different - Held my attention to the end

Was browsing for something to watch when this popped up. The title certainly got my attention. I decided to tune in for a few minutes. It became a bit hypnotic in the way it held my attention. There is NO DIALOG in this movie, yet the long looks exchanged between the young, attractive leads told volumes. Shot on location in Amsterdam, the film is broken in to several chapters which sort of reflect the story arch of the two women first noticing each other on a train, meeting and coming together. There are a couple of locker room scenes, but the nudity is not gratuitous. And while not a true lesbian love story in any traditional sense, there were moments that border on erotic and certainly are sexually charged. This is a talented director and I applaud the attempt at something different. I saw shades of Nicolas Refn and a whiff of David Lynch. Overall, I was surprised how much I liked it. If you can get past the lack of verbal dialog, maybe you can too.

Reviewed by fragle-26851 1 / 10

Omg what a waste

Horrible movie. I wish I could get the time I wasted back from watching it. If your hoping for an erotic and steamy movie this most DEF is not it. I guess the "nude area" they are referring to is the women's room. Yes there's nudity but not involving the main characters.waste of money and time.

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