October Sky


Action / Biography / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
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Jake Gyllenhaal as Homer Hickam
Laura Dern as Miss Riley
Chris Cooper as John Hickam
Chris Owen as Quentin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Roger Burke 8 / 10

Excellent family movie, and a fine story…

I first saw Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead (2005) a little while back and, since then, I've been watching every one of his movies that arrives on my radar screen. Like Clive Owen, he has an intensity (and he even resembles Owen somewhat) that just oozes from the screen. I feel sure that, if he lands some meaty roles, he'll crack an Oscar one day...

That's not to denigrate this film at all.

It's a fine story, with very believable people (well, it's based upon the author's early shenanigans with rocketry), a great cast – Chris Cooper is always good, and Laura Dern is always on my watch list – with the appropriate mix of humor, pathos, excitement...and the great sound track with so many rock n roll oldies to get the feet tapping.

But, this film had a very special significance for me: in 1957, I was the same age as Homer Hickham; like him, I looked up at the night stars to watch Sputnik as it scudded across the blackness; like Homer also, I experimented with rocketry in my backyard and used even the exact same chemicals for fuel; and like Homer, I also had most of my attempts end in explosive disaster! What fun it was...

I didn't achieve his great (metaphorical and physical) heights though. But, that's what you find out when you see this movie.

Sure, it's a basic family movie, but that's a dying breed these days, it seems. Take the time to see it, with the kids: you'll all have a lot of good laughs.

Reviewed by hieuwey 9 / 10


One word, Predigenous!!! LOL, seriously this is a great film. Its a well-dated film, with great history and cinematography. I love how the rockets were developed more and more as the movie went along. I like how the boys all collaborated together, a mix of hodge-podge teenagers in the small mining town of Coalwood.

The father in this movie is a hardass, but I liked how he was a supportive character in the end, which made the main character even stronger and more passionate about rocketry!


Reviewed by barun_patra 9 / 10

It can't be any better when a movie inspires you to work hard and go for your dreams.

Everyone around you is rushing in all directions. Sometimes sit alone in the bench next to you with nothing on your mind, as the world walks by. While on a road trip, you stare out the window, as the rain splashes on it. Sometimes lower it a little and let a few drops hit you. Travel to the countryside, get out on the roads as the clock strikes 4 in the afternoon. Watch all the kids in the neighborhood rush out to the field. Go to the field and learn from the kids how to dream. Remember those times when you dreamed to become a footballer? Or a scientist? What happened to those dreams? Why are you scared to dream big now?

You, my friend, have the power to dream. And there is no limit to it. If you need a little fuel for your dreams, stop what you are doing now and watch the October Sky. This is an inspirational genius.

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