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Reviewed by CinemaSerf 6 / 10

An easy watch.

Upon the premature death of one of their number, three of her closest friends, and her daughter set off to recreate a railway journey the foursome had taken thirty years earlier. The story follows their antics as they suffer mishaps and angst trying to get to the beautiful cathedral of Santa Maria in Mallorca in time for the sun striking the beautiful stained glass window - they have five days! Largely sustained by the must of Blondie, the ladies must each deal with their demons - of which, admittedly, they appear to have no shortage - and maybe even find a bit of romance before reaching their goal. It's a television film, really - it isn't bad, the production values are high and the cast are competent enough but the whole effort is just a little too light and fluffy. Jenny Seagrove could hardly be described as versatile - and where she has to feign anger, she rather under-delivers. Kelly Preston tends to steal the scenes she is in (she reminded me of Megan Mullally from "Will & Grace" a bit), and the somewhat down-trodden Sally Phillips helps raise a smile too. It's a feel-good film that will leave little, if any, mark on the audience but it will make for an easy 90 minutes on telly at Christmas.

Reviewed by neil-476 6 / 10

A well--intentioned misfire

After Anna's death, her three friends Cassie, Kate and Liz discover that she has left them transEuropean train tickets so that, together with her daughter Maddie, they can achieve a missed goal from their youth. But the old friends are each carrying baggage which they didn't have on board as young women, and things don't always go smoothly.

This is a creditable attempt at a feelgood road movie for women in their middle years and features a cast of pros giving solid performances. In particular, Kelly Preston (in her last film) shows how good she could have been with the right material.

Unfortunately, this film isn't particularly well-written. It has a few good one-liners in it, but the characters aren't as likeable as they should be, and what happens often lacks credibility, sometimes extremely so. The story is obviously intended to carry a lot of emotional weight but, despite the cast's best (very good) efforts, the sowing of plot and character seeds, and the rather hapazard subsequent harvesting, comes across as rather mechanical and emotionless.

Reviewed by kzcfwv 3 / 10

Not a total waste of time

This was a sweet film overall. I expected more from the trailer. I enjoyed how this film focuses on the strength in female friendships. Sally Phillips stood out and was hilarious as usual! The plot was weak mind you so I certainly wouldn't lose sleep over missing this.

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