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Ron Livingston as Peter Gibbons
John C. McGinley as Bob Slydell
Stephen Root as Milton Waddams
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Reviewed by jihjih 9 / 10

Office Space Review

What would you do with $1 million? While some would say "take a vacation" or "buy a new home", Office Space shows the beauty and disparity of doing "nothing". Before any dialogue, we see Peter, the protagonist, stopping and starting in his car. This is a metaphor for his boring and stressful life. The constant accelerating and breaking speaks directly to the stagnant state of his life. When he glances out of window, the old man was stopping and starting as well. He realizes that he could potentially live and die in this mundane lifestyle. As he swerves into the adjacent lane and is stopped, he realizes that his life is inescapable. The opening scene was packed full of social commentary on the immobile and mundane nature of office work. Viewers were also exposed to one of the conflicts of the film.

Interestingly, Mike Judge based this movie on the famous newspaper cartoon Milton, but chose to focus on the life of Peter, his coworker. In the film, Milton is portrayed by Stephen Root and is one of the most interesting examples of foreshadowing and his stapler is a constant thread throughout the film. The resolution to Peter's problems is a result of Milton carrying out an act that he had been threatening to do from the beginning of the film. As far as character arc, Mike Judge made some pretty cheesy and predictable decisions. Deus Ex Machina made several appearances in Office Space. The strongest elements of this film are the social commentary on the terribly boring lifestyle of working a white-collar office job, the foreshadowing because of its effectiveness and ability to move the plot along, and the conflict/resolution.

It was nice to see a film that I could laugh at a little, but the deeper message cannot be missed. In my opinion, the deeper message of this film lies in the dissatisfaction that is a result of a lack of motivation and happiness. The entire film is centered around Peter's unhappiness. The commentary that the droning days in an office can drive people insane and into suicide (Tom Symkowski's failed attempt) is a direct critique of the cubicle style workplace. His unhappiness at work was driving him into a depression.

I enjoyed this film. There are so many elements and characters I could talk about and I highly recommend watching this at first alone and then with friends to get some different interpretations. I give Office Space 5 out of 5 Michael Bolton songs.

Reviewed by wakaporter 8 / 10

A Comedy with an important message

Peter is fed up with working at Intech, because at this computer software firm he and his coworkers are all treated as mechanistic parts of a system where profits and standardization take precedence over humanness. People are given cubicle positions that are repetitive and expendable. The executive management, or the bosses, are ordering people to do their seemingly meaningless jobs with a attitude of feigned affection that is offensively passive. This is most obvious in Lundberg's common phrasing of orders, "if you could….that would be great," which has become an internet meme in recent years probably for how obviously annoying a way of communicating it is. The audience strongly understands and sympathizes with Peter and contempt for work in just the first 15 minutes of the film. Through its satirical yet realistic presentation of white collar office life, this movie has made it into a cult classic comedy. However, the film is not just a comedy, more so it is a commentary on the negative effects a white collar work environment has on its employees. Throughout the film there is an obvious theme of escapism, as the urge to escape life's situation is acute for Peter and several other main characters. Such a theme forces us to investigate worklife within a common capitalist mode of production and why it leaves so many people miserable. The fact that this movie is still a cult classic and that so many people find Office Space relatable, shows that its message is relevant. In conclusion, for making me laugh out loud and think deeper about the effects on individuality of service sector employment, I give this movie a solid 8/10.

Reviewed by EBJ 5 / 10

Cautiously Recommend


Directed by Mike Judge

Starring ​Ron Livingston, Jennifer Anniston and Gary Cole

​ Plot Overview: After mindless working drone Peter Gibbons(Ron Livingston) gets hypnotised, forgetting all his worries, him and a group of recently fired friends batch together to steal money from their former company, a fraction of a penny at a time.

I mean this film isn't bad. It is fine. But only that. The balance between hits and misses is exactly that, a balance. Some jokes emit laughter while equally as many emit cringe. It isn't a good movie by any means but it also isn't a bad movie. I don't think I've ever seen a movie I can legitimately call perfectly average apart from this. It is just average. I don't know what else I can say to sum it up.

Let's start off positive. The story is good. I like it, and I like the fact that it is designed to be a satirical comment on office jobs. It's an interesting idea that was executed with mild effectiveness. It's a plain and simple story but I admire the simplicity to it. Purely character driven is a good thing and definitely made the movie feel more realistic and plausible. ​ I really love the ending. It is a consequence of a previous joke and it is so, so cathartic.

Ron Livingtston was good in the movie as Peter Gibbons. Gary Cole was great as Bill Lumbergh. Yeah... he was a perfectly loathsome antagonist and did his job very well... M'Kay. Stepjem Root was great as Milton. I was disappointed in Anniston's performance and I just saw her as a run of the mill, generic love interest. She wasn't appealing or interesting. Aside from them four, the performances ranged from mediocre to poor.

It is a competently shot and edited. It is very simplistic and I admire that in a way. It is very cathartic and requires little analysis. This peculiar style fits in with the more relaxed, laid back attitude of the film and it's lead.

Mow for the humour. The MOST crucial aspect of a Comedy film, is its humour. And I must confess I was disappointed. Not to say there were no funny or clever jokes, there most certainly were and when it was both clever and witty, it succeeded exponentially. But the great jokes aren't that frequent. They come occasionally amidst a slog of poor, bland and generic humour. This was the key downfall of the film for me. I was not amused.

As a whole, I do definitely admire the simplicity of everything about this movie and find it very cathartic and in line with the film's plot but it just didn't provide enough for me to truly enjoy it. I can VERY cautiously recommend this movie because it isn't awful; it just isn't that good either. I'll rate this film 5 'Staplers' out of 10 and a very mild recommendation because you may get more enjoyment out of it than I did.

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