Oh! My Gran

2020 [KOREAN]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6 10 142

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10

This was quite interesting and enjoyable...

I must admit that 2020 South Korean movie "O! Moon-hee" (aka "Oh! My Gran") actually turned out to be a more interesting movie that I had initially expected it to be. When I read the synopsis for this movie, I must admit that I wasn't exactly impressed. But it being a South Korean movie that I hadn't already seen was more than sufficient to make me watch it.

And I will say that writer Kim Soo-Jin actually managed to churn out a storyline and plot that was every bit as entertaining as it was enjoyable and captivating. The story is actually one that manages to bring together different elements from different genres and ties them nicely together; as there are elements of crime, investigation, family, and even some comedy elements put in here. And it worked out quite well, because the story was nicely constructed, and the characters in the storyline were realistic characters and ones you could easily relate to.

I enjoyed this movie, and it is definitely a storyline that sinks in and leaves a lasting impression with you. And I must give praise to the actors and actresses on the cast list, because they really performed quite well and brought their respective characters and roles to life on the screen in very realistic and believable ways. Thumbs up to the cast here on this accomplishment.

"Oh! My Gran" is a movie that is well-worth taking the time and effort to sit down and watch. Especially if you want a movie that blends elements of comedy, crime and drama together in a very enjoyable fashion.

My rating of "Oh! My Gran" lands on a six out of ten stars.

Reviewed by ramisaakter 8 / 10

A funny movie to watch with family

I love the way the movie shows the family bonding, love, care .Though his mother has Dementia,he didn't leave her alone and always take care of her. He also single handedly raises his daughter and doesn't let her to feel the incompleteness of her mother. How wonderful father and son he is! He barely sleeps when his daughter is in hospital and does all possible things to catch the real culprit who is responsible for his daughter's critical situation. Despite having Dementia, she recalls everything for sake of her granddaughter. The way she and her son catches the culprit is way too fun to watch.

Reviewed by swza-24 10 / 10

It's worth a: 8

I like the way of the writer and the the casts. you will enjoy it with your family .

Emotional. comedy. drama

this type of movie you will never find it in the Hollywood movies

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