Old Firehand

1966 [GERMAN]

Adventure / Western

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 1199

prison native american gang war american west

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by unbrokenmetal 3 / 10

Mostly forgettable

Winnetou (Pierre Brice) and his sister Nscho-tschi (Marie Versini) meet Old Firehand (Rod Cameron) and protect a Mexican town against bandits. In a time when the popularity of the series faded, even the return of Marie Versini didn't help much. Rod Cameron was the star of a Karl May western for the first and last time. He didn't appeal one tenth as much to the kids as his predecessor Lex Barker as Old Shatterhand had done. The affected manners of Viktor de Kowa as Ravenhurst did not make him another Castlepool (Eddi Aren't in „Winnetou II"). Besides, the Mexican setting took the movie one step closer to the cynical spaghetti westerns of the late 60s, far away from the myth-making „Silver Lake". Instead of Martin Böttcher, Peter Thomas of Edgar Wallace and „Raumpatrouille" fame composed the music, but this is clearly not his preferred genre. Almost nothing turns out right in this movie - mostly forgettable. Winnetou would return one more time for "Valley of Death", nevertheless.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Old Firehand-Cameron and Winnetou-Brice battle bandits who have surrounded a Mexican small town

¨Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand ¨(original title) is a thrilling and moving story about Old Firehand and Winnetou , respectively performed by Rod Cameron and Pierre Brice. This is an entertaining but mediocre film based on Karl May trilogy novels , it starts with Old Firehand in an exciting opening sequence when he rides onto the screen and soon rescues a group led by Winnetou attacked by bandits commanded by Silers (Harald Leipnitz) . On the way Old Surehand and Old Wabble are involved in the running conflict between outlaws and Mexican villagers who have taken prisoner the Siler's brother . Old Surehand can count on the support of his new friend Winnetou, the amiable chief of the Apaches . Later on , the bandits raid the village and a Mexican old man goes out as peacemaker but he's treacherously murdered . Old Firehand, Winnetou , Tom (Todd Armstrong)and others protect the Mexican village from a gang of bandits who use dynamite , bombs and treason to defeat them . There is also an Officer (Rick Battaglia) from the Army helping the besieged village . There's an emotional love story between Tom and Winnetou's sister named Nscho-Tschi (Marie Versini) . Firehand set on pursuit of the bandits and prepares them a trap . Old Firehand and his faithful new friend Old Wabble are on the trail of the cold-blooded killer and another band of nasty Mexicans .

This is a passable episode about one of the series of popular German made Western , featuring the duo formed by valiant ¨Old Firehand¨ and immortal ¨Winnetou¨ , they repeat their same noted roles as dignified as always . This enjoyable saga benefits from sensational adventures , shootouts , explosions , larger-than-life characters and spectacular scenarios shot in Atelier, Spandau, Berlin, Germany ,Solin, Split, Croatia ,Strobec, Split, Croatia ,Vrlika, Yugoslavia . Here Winnetou-Pierre Brice plays a secondary role , chemistry between stuffy Cameron and Brice is inexistent . However , in the films starred by Stewart Granger the enjoyable relationship is quite match , Granger scores especially high marks ,as he plays with mirth and liking manner . Stewart Granger took the role in two occasions , ¨Among vultures¨ and ¨Winnetou and Surehand¨ and Pierre Brice starred all the series and he went on filming television episodes .His predecessor was the serious Lex Barker who starred a diverse character but the roles are pretty similar , he played the most part of series : ¨Apache gold(1963)¨ by Harald Reinl, ¨Apaches last Battle(1964)¨ by Hugo Fregonese, ¨Last of renegades(1964)¨, ¨The desperate trail¨, ¨Old Surehand¨ (1965) also directed by Alfred Vohrer ¨Old Shatterland(1966)¨ by Harald Philipp, ¨In the valley of death(1968)¨ by Harald Reinl , besides Rod Cameron starred only one : this ¨Old Firehand¨ . The film displays a colorful cinematography and a catching musical score ,though excessive synthesizer , by Peter Thomas replacing the usual series , Martin Bottcher . The motion picture produced by Rialto Productions is regularly directed by Alfred Vohrer who directed various Karl May titles , besides he was a German thriller expert called Krimi ( Edward Wallace adaptation ) . Rating : 5 , average though in some moment here and there is entertaining .

Reviewed by lostinaction 2 / 10

Worst Winnetou Movie of the 60's!

The Moviemaker tried to make a Combination of the Winnetou Movies and the successful Spaghetti-Western. It didn't work well and there are several reasons why. First the Story wasn't made for Winnetou. We will never find out what Winnetou and his sister are really doing in this Mexico. It's obvious that they wrote his part into the Movie. The same is with his sister Nscho-Tsi, played by the beautiful actress Marie Versini. To give her some reason to be in the movie, the scriptwriter developed a Love Story. But the Love Story also doesn't work. After Lex Barker as Old Shatterhand and Stewart Granger as Old Surehand, you find a new hero next to Winnetou: Old Firehand. Old Firehand is played by Rod Cameron. There is no good Chemistry between Winnetou and Old Firehand. Maybe his second name is Old Sweathead because he is wearing a fur cap which he never takes off in hot sunny Mexico. Some elements seem to be taken from the magnificent 7. Old Firehand, Winnetou and others protects a Mexican Village from a gang of bandits. The public never really find out why, because there is also an Officer from the Army in the town. So why they just don't ask the army for help? There are many plot holes in this movie and you'll find bad scripted characters. One guy is an Englishman (or Scottish) Gentleman, and there you can find a good example of bad overacting on a bad scripted figure.

There are many things which a viewer can complain on this movie, but the only good about it: watching Marie Versini as Winnetou's sister and Winnetou himself Pierre Price. In my opinion it is the worst Winnetou Western and maybe the worst Karl May Movie ever.

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