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Reviewed by searchanddestroy-1 10 / 10

Adequate to the news from Ukrainia

I am watching this film whilst the Ukrainian war explodes in the east of Europe and millions of Ukranian refugees spread over Western Europe. So this young woman's odyssey is totally in the "mood" of this tragic era, period. This is mostly a film about sport, training, dedication, gymnastics in particular, as LES PAUMES BLANCHES were fifteen years ago; another movie speaking of a young male gymnast in Bulgary or some easter europe country and his relationship with his trainer. I also saw NADIA, an American film about Nadia Comaneci's story. This film which I comment now is accurate, gripping and made by a director very involved, concerned by his topic.

Reviewed by michaelberanek275 8 / 10

" How are we all going to live with this?"

A beautifully crafted piece, with a stunning young Ukrainian gymnast actor doing by the way some stunning moves, alongside a number of not so well filled-out characters, that speaks to the tragic political situation & to an extent the condition of any teenager seeking to find a place in the world. It's hard not to be sympathetic with the character, but I dare say the movie is more craft, propaganda even, than approaching great art, but it remains extremely touching and beautifully photographed. Much use is made of real-world chaotic news footage, sometimes cleverly superimposed on the quiet Swiss scenery of well furnished gymnasiums and perfect chocolate box scenery. One goes on a perilous journey in the eyes of the young woman and the young emancipated nation and throughout I kept thinking 'how is this possibly going to end well?'... A short and optimistic coda supplies an element of balm on the existential ache.

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