Om - The Battle Within

2022 [HINDI]

Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 2.6 10 1398

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August 17, 2022 at 01:58 AM


Top cast

Elnaaz Norouzi as Dancer
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2 hr 7 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MehdiRizvi-7867 1 / 10

Please Don't Watch This Disaster Movie Full Time Waste

The filmmaker's don't have the slightest idea of what a battleship looks like or sizes.... Mera ghar ka verandah battleship se bada hai....

The fight sequences were not even edited... chaku Mara toh khoon nikla....aur jab chaku nikala toh khoon toh tha hi nahi....t-shirt tak nahi fata tha....

Fight sequence mein hero chaku Marta hai truck k windshield k through and guess what.... Driver dies but the wind shield is intact.... Cinematographer and editor were interns probably...

Useless scenes and twists were created with no relation to the story.... Sorry did I say story... please find me one....

When the rear hatch of an aircraft is opened the wind sucks u out of the plane... our hero is a superhero...,forget being sucked out despite standing on the edge...even a hair doesn't move... (director sahab.....if u got no idea about it...I may suggest u a few movies to understand some laws of physics and aerodynamics)

Guys... trailor dekh lo..., movie se jyada interesting hai...this time the cover is more interesting than the book....

How I dearly wished my money back.... Total waste

Rating..... -1/10.

Reviewed by sujanmaharjan-10194 1 / 10

Dont watch!! Beware!!

This movie has a complete disaster plot holes, Watch it if you want to get a headache!!Heropanti 2 director Ahmed Khan's production is a complete wash out!! Producers, Please don't waste your money on these crap movies with cover of patriotism. It did not work, i want to give 0 (zero) out of 10 but 1 is the lowest!!

Reviewed by akashshikder-51473 1 / 10

Ahamed khan! Run!!!

If you see the name of a movie director, editor, producer, choreographer Ahamed khan then run from there. Because if you watch that movie from there, you will lose money, time and brain. He ended the acting career of the actors.

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