On Wings of Eagles


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eacurtis-03865 7 / 10

An excellent and touching film about Eric Liddell.

We had to drive 1.5 hours to see this film, as it was only in one theater in our state. The drive was totally worth it!!! On Wings of Eagles is a very high quality film, with production value, sets, acting, and special effects that could compare to most Hollywood flicks. Joseph Fiennes' performance was very strong and believable. His acting talent carried this film, just as it did in Risen. The story is very moving and inspiring, and is a great sequel to Chariots of Fire. I was very excited to see this on the big screen and hope that many people will be inspired by it. Several scenes with blood give it its' PG-13 rating, but the violence is not disturbing or overly graphic. This is a great film that is worth watching! My rating: Excellent!!!

Reviewed by webjenniferyoung 8 / 10

Eric Liddell's (Chariots of Fire runner) last days of life

I would like to be the first person to review this movie, given that IMDb is a wonderful platform that i always visit.

This is a semi-biographical story about Eric Liddell, the runner in the Chariots of Fire. It centred on his last days spent in China during the Second World War. As the HK director Jacky Shin lacked the promotional funding, his feat is all the more commendable, having spent ten years on investigative research; even going thru the pains of interviewing survivors from the War. He lacked promotional funds, so the showtimes were short. That said, this movie was built on an extremely concrete plot. Although it would not build towards a climatic ending like most Hollywood movies, it remained an extremely high quality movie to capture the audience.

First, the wonderful script was supported by sturdy acting from Fiennes, and also the supporting cast. Although at times, i found it a bit too tear jerking, the movie remained captivating as this icon was larger than life. This movie transcends creed, nationality nor religion as it centres on the boundless themes of love, hope and humanity. One just marvels at the courage he faces under suffering and tyranny. One can also share in the sheer joy of victory and determination.

One more credit goes to the soundtrack by Chris Babida. The sacred hymns were interspersed with original soundtrack sung by HK singer Francis Yip. Her singing blended neatly with the opening as well as the closing. Even after the movie ends, her angelic voice continued to resonate in one's ears. During the race, the original soundtrack managed to capture the audience with gripping focus, none less successful than Vangelis was for Chariots of Fire.

i don't believe many people would have seen or have planned to see this film, but i'm sure it should not be disappointing. Having seen so many bad films in 2016, this is refreshing indeed and a salute to HK Director. Every Chinese should go see it and pay tribute to this man who gave his life for China.

Reviewed by muamba_eats_toast 8 / 10

Low budget with heart

Despite its low budget feel some great performances as well as a great deal of heart and charm carries it through as well as the amazing true story. An interesting, touching and thoroughly enjoyable watch especially give its resources.

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