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Reviewed by daveygandthekeyboard 8 / 10

The moment all artists live for.

Probably the one thing I would say about this movie that is even remotely negative, is that if you don't like the music, then you are completely out of luck. Otherwise… This movie is about a Guy (no name) and a Girl (same deal) who meet on the street while Guy is busking, a side gig from his day job as a vacuum cleaner repairman. The two form a bond through music, as they jam together in a music store, then ultimately they go through a weekend recording his songs before he goes off to re-unite with his lost love. Trying to explain this movie to someone who hasn't seen it, it just seems like a movie about nothing, 'cause the plot is so spare. But everything felt true--the dialogue, the way the two musicians relate, the way it captured the feeling you get when you see something you've created become real. This movie totally won me over after the recording session, when it is early in the morning, the studio technician and the band go out to do the "car test"--seeing if the songs still sound good on inferior speakers. It is at this point you feel this "seizing of the sword" moment of triumph for Guy--this is what he has worked for, this is what he has created. It is a moment that all artists live for, and this is the reason I will go see it again.

Reviewed by piffkin 2 / 10


I am unable to join - or indeed to understand - what seems to be the universal chorus of adulation for this film. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing the matter with the acting, or the cinematography - the problem is, the plot. There isn't one. It is about a busker who decides he wants to make a demo CD, he gets together a scratch band and they record it. That's it, really. Along the way he befriends a married Czech woman who is waiting for her husband to join her in Dublin, and who plays keyboards in his band. At the end, the busker goes off to London to rejoin his former girlfriend. That's it. End of. The only moment of drama in the whole film comes right at the beginning when a thief tries to take the busker's takings and there is a chase down the street. Aside from that, nothing really happens. Was the demo CD helpful in promoting a musical career for the busker? We never find out. Having made the whole film revolve around the busker's efforts to record this demo, once it was made the director then seems to have lost interest in what happened to it. I don't know if maybe the only point of the film was supposed to be to showcase the music? Well, you either liked that or you didn't. Personally I didn't care for it.

Reviewed by Vonia 8 / 10

Beautiful Scoring of a Subtle Romance

I had to give this a second viewing, after my newly discovered respect for Carney ("Begin Again", "Sing Street"). I am glad that I did. I guess my taste in films has refined over the years, for I do not remember liking it this much.

Carney has a talent for painting the picture of love in a subtle way that is that much more effective. Love, for him, does not always mean grand gestures or even two individuals with the fairytale ending. He realizes that, often, love is in the small things. That some loves are unfortunately not meant to be. That people are in our lives for a season, reason, or lifetime, and one is not necessarily better than the others.

Add to that the amazing music that accompanies all Carney's work, and you have another great film.

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