Once Around


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Roxanne Hart as Gail Bella
Danny Aiello as Joe Bella
Greg Germann as Jim Redstone
Gena Rowlands as Marilyn Bella
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

fighting for nothing

In Boston, Renata Bella (Holly Hunter) is doing badly in love. Her younger sister Jan (Laura San Giacomo) gets married. Her parents (Danny Aiello, Gena Rowlands) are happily in love. For her love life, her boyfriend tells her that he would never marry her and dumps her. She gets a new job selling time shares in the Caribbean. She goes there to take the seminar and falls for brash charismatic presenter Sam Sharpe (Richard Dreyfuss).

Renata is adorable. I don't care that much about Sam but despite that, the family's reaction to him has no great support. It may work if he's a drunk. He's older but that's never used as an excuse. It seems mostly his self-confidence and commanding personality which is pushing the family apart. That may still work if the family is a bunch of wallflowers. This family is full of big personalities with big personality actors. They are well equipped to tell Sam whatever they want. It would never get to this point. This seems wrongly considered. Sam needs to be more flamboyant and the family needs to be more shy. The clash of personalities is expected but is not justified.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 5 / 10

Barbed comedy-drama with much internal unhappiness and little point...

Richard Dreyfuss, in his patented-jerk mode, plays the self-centered, provoking, irritating new husband of family-oriented nice girl Holly Hunter, a woman in her thirties who has never been married before. As a real estate sharpie exuding snake-oil charm, Dreyfuss' character overtakes the picture. Once Hunter, her parents and her sister come to realize that he's nothing but a pain, the film hits a snag and doesn't have anywhere to turn except to sentiment (which doesn't quite play). Malia Scotch Marmo's original screenplay is curiously foul-mouthed and ill-mannered. Director Lasse Hallström tries out different tones within the context of a fairly straightforward familial theme but the results are off-putting. Nice supporting cast, including Gena Rowlands and Danny Aiello as Hunter's mom and dad, but a mostly unpleasant experience. ** from ****

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10

Once Around is Wonderful ****

What a wonderful 1991 film this is. It explores the relationships within the family.

After being rejected by her boyfriend at her sister's wedding, Holly Hunter meets Richard Dreyfuss by chance and love blossoms from the first second. Problem is that the Dreyfuss character, a free spirit with a golden heart, goes overboard and gets off to a bad start with Hunter's parents, Danny Aiello and Gena Rowlands.

Dreyfuss means well, but his persistence is overwhelming and causes a family fracas.

As is so true to life, it takes a major illness to resolve things.

This is a marvelous story of found and lost love.

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