One Day Like Rain


Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 4.5 10 268

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zofryer 2 / 10

It's Physics You Bitch

OK, I want to start by hypothesizing about how this movie got made.

Four kids from a high school film class in the suburbs of some small city in northern California accidentally find a professional quality movie camera in an attic. They agree they are going to make a movie. However, all four of these kids have a different idea about what direction the movie should take, and they all take turns behind the camera. One wants there to be parties and illegal road racing. One wants there to be a commentary on the pain in the world. One wants there to be a deep spiritual message, and another really wanted some hard science fiction. They convince the somewhat hot girl from their high school that somewhat kinda knows how to act to play the role of the crazy mouthy bitch from the suburbs that is going to save the world somehow with chemistry and I quote "It's physics you bitch!". They somehow talk some of their parents that can NOT act into playing the roles of a few of the adults, but apparently this group of kids is so cool that they don't have parents in the movie. In fact, they've talked their parents into playing the homeless people that live in the woods. Not kidding. In the role of supporting actress, is the somewhat hot girl's best friend that definitely can't act. They get the hot guys from the high school varsity football team that also can not act to play the "hot guys" in their little movie. One of their parents was apparently LOADED and had enough cash to get professional sound editing done, and 5 total minutes of screen time from a REAL b grade actor. At that point they somehow managed to edit together a whole bunch of disjointed footage(a lot of shots done with the safest of the first year film student techniques) and came up with a plot for it sorta. That's what this movie feels like. Exactly like that.

OK, now the review.

I'm going to see if the rifftrax guys want to take a stab at this film. I'm going to highly suggest it. There are moments when the acting is so unbelievably bad, you want to rush to the credits to see if the direction was provided by Tommy Wiseau. There are moments when the plot is so overlapping, redundant, pointless, bizarrely nonsensical, or missing, that you want to see if the original screenplay was written by Alejandro Jodorowsky. There are times when the main character is doing "science stuff" that the fact the movie is trying to sell her as some sort of new-age genius is downright hilarious. Message? You won't find one of those here. There aren't even any likable characters. You can not relate to, nor have any positive feelings for any character in this "movie". I think they were hoping they could BS people into believing there was "deeper meaning" in this effort, but I don't know too many people gullible enough to fall for that. I hope their teacher failed them. I did.

Reviewed by Michrtiste 10 / 10

O.D.L.R. is d-e-e-p

This is a truly unique and deep film. If you like visual pictures that are not all spelled out for you, you will at the very least appreciate this one. Great production value and creativity with this truly independent film.

The direction and cinematography are strong. The story,intentionally enigmatic, asks you to make up your own mind as to the deeper meaning of the whole thing. And the filmmakers say, all of our interpretations are valid. Just like a good painting doesn't tell you how to interpret it, One Day Like Rain can be seen in many different ways, depending on the perspective of the viewer, and the life story they bring to it. BRAVO

Reviewed by catwing49 10 / 10

Another Winner

Samantha Figura should have won an Oscar.

Hell there should have been Oscars for the screenplay, directing, and the old big guy should have something too. This should have been a blockbuster of a movie. There is just no justice sometimes. The movie shows the troubles of aliens living in southern California at the end times. Young, good looking, smart and no worries except pending doom. Yes, no different than now they just handle it in ways we have not thought of yet. Breakout the chem sets and crystals there is work to be done before the stars rain in the night. Also, there is something funny about the water it cause weird stares and bad behavior. Then, other than the ocean there is little water to be experienced in SC so that could explain a few freak-outs. If the women (girls) in this movie were given some good shoes it would have improved the good looking leg ratios. If you figure out the plot please don't share there are still some great mysteries in the world we should let this be one for the ages.

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