One Man and His Cow

2016 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 2541

agriculture fair

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zutterjp48 8 / 10

Fatah has a dream.

"La Vache" is the story of Fatah, an Algerian farmer whose dream is to participate in the Paris International Agriculture Fair with his Tarentaise cow called Jacqueline.All his friends and neighbours are making jokes about this dream.But one day he receives the official invitation for his participation.After some debates the elders and friends of the village will help him for the costs of traveling to Paris.Then begins the real adventure of Fatah and Jacqueline !! As they have time enough they will join Paris on foot.Some incidents (a night in a karaoke, drinking pear liquor,a photograph of a kiss, an arrest) but also nice encounters , his stay in the house of the count, the love letter, the friendship and the solidarity of the people. And another important thing: the media, Fatha and Jacqueline begin to be famous on TV and YouTube: many people are waiting for them in Paris. I shall not escribe the end of the film. It's a story about encounters, about tolerance, friendship and solidarity. But it's also a story with quite a lot of humour and humanity: the philosophical talk of Fatah and the count about the life,the problems (Algeria should be champion of the world of the countries with problems) and the love (the first declaration of love for Naïma). I didn't know Fatsah Bouyahmed before this film, but it's a very good comedian. I enjoyed very much this story.

Reviewed by krissymcneil 7 / 10

Predictable but still sweet

A peasant from remote village in Algeria gets an invitation to attend an international bovine show in Paris after years of applying for it. Although the villagers mock his devotion to his cow Jaqueline, they lend him money for the journey, as it is a village code to help the neighbours. Fatah and Jaqueline set off to Paris on foot after crossing the Mediterranean Sea. It's a bit like Ulysses in Homer's Odyssey; will he get there on time? The plot isn't original by any means, but the film conveys the old truth that the innocence and good humour can move even the most obdurate hearts.

Reviewed by Horror-yo 8 / 10

Very good, solidly constructed Algerian-French cultural experience

This here is not a complacent review out to be over-enthusiastic about the Algerian-French phenomenon, but rather one that looks at the genuine quality of this very refreshing, honest, solidly crafted and well inspired contemporary comedy.

The plot is simple, and it's the adventure in the various places it takes the lead 'Fatah', the journey including the different people, sensitivities and emotions he discovers, the Algeria vs France contradictions and intrinsic antagonisms, and ultimately, his epiphany while being away from home in discovering more about himself from a newer perspective.

The film overall is very well crafted, perfectly coherent and follows a very good rhythm. The jokes are good, the humor is lively and very culturally-charged and finally there are many little references/remarks/hints with implication and symbol that require a particular wit in understanding carefully laid throughout the playtime.

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