One Second

2020 [CHINESE]

Comedy / Drama / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 1814

based on novel or book

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kmsmith-61353 9 / 10

Warm small town (Chinese style) story set during the Cultural Revolution

After a long line of patriotic films, which won't resonate beyond China's borders, One Second was a very welcome film.

The film is about an escaped convict who wants to see his daughter in a newsreel, the reel of which becomes the focal point of the movie. Throughout the movie, the main protagonist chases an orphan girl who steals the newsreel featuring his daughter. At times absurb (reflecting the times and accompanying behavior), at others humourous, the movie is overall a warm, touching tale of how two complete strangers come together, filling a void in the other.

Zhang Yimou once again captures the beauty of the surrounding area, even if often nothing more than desert and a drab village. There wasn't a character out of place nor an actor who failed to deliver.

Highly recommend.

Reviewed by regwebber 8 / 10

This is NOT a warm hearted movie

It is quiet opposite of what it seems like from the surface of the movie. The daughter was actually killed by the delivery truck. And the movie was supposed to end without the 2 years later. To viewers who are familiar with the 10 years of culture revolution, this movie is filled with underline messages of that period. By editing out the cause of death and adding reunion totally changed the tone of this movie. But regardless, director Zhang delivered his best film in the past two decades, given the circumstances.

Reviewed by lasttimeisaw 8 / 10

Cinema Omnivore - One Second (2020) 7.7/10

"He finds an unlikely competitor in a young girl Liu Guinv (Liu Haocun), who wants some film to decorate a lampshade for reparation. After a series of mischiefs fighting for a reel of film, which finally reaches the regulated farm where the movie is due to be screened by the veteran film projector Fan Dianying (Fan Wei), Jiusheng's concealed identity is at risk of being discovered and his foe-to-friend bond with Guinv, who is more or less his daughter's age, takes a familiar but no less affecting father-daughter trajectory. And ONE SECOND hits the bull's eye with its ending, a tactical misunderstanding brings Jiusheng back to Guinv, and his ensuing disappointment soon changes into a philosophical sigh, he is accorded a second chance to be a father figure, whereas, the film footage, buried and gone, acts like a germane symbol of a bygone era."

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