Only the Lonely


Comedy / Romance

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Macaulay Culkin as Billy Muldoon
Kieran Culkin as Patrick Muldoon Jr.
Maureen O'Hara as Rose Muldoon
John Candy as Danny Muldoon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bing-18 8 / 10

John Candy - We miss you.

A wonderfully light RomCom that stands as one of the best tributes to John Candy (alongside Uncle Buck).

Though, this is a comedy, it still allows Candy to show his true acting skills, and many of the choicest comedy moments go to Maureen O'Hara as Candy's mother, who almost steals the film.

It is a sad trait in Hollywood theory which appears to dictate that comediens can't do serious acting and so should never be given serious roles, yet many have proved this to be wrong. John Candy himself proved it in JKF, Dan Aykroyd did in Driving Miss Daisy, and Robin Williams has done it on numerous occasions.

This film reminds us of the John Candy we will always love, as the big guy with a big heart to match.

Farewell John, you are sadly missed.

Reviewed by Lateboomer_059 10 / 10

Fabulous Movie, One of John Candy's BEST

This has to be one of my all time favourite movies! I loved seeing the late, great John Candy in a romantic comedy lead role.

Casting was superb with Ally Sheedy as his shy love interest, and Maureen O'Hara as his domineering Irish battleaxe mother.

Watch for Jim Belushi as Danny's (John's) cop partner and Macaulay & Kieran Culkin as John's nephews.

Anthony Quinn turns in a charming performance as Nick Acropolis, the Greek neighbour who fancies Rose (Maureen O'Hara).

John Candy was such a superb actor and passed away suddenly at the age of 43 - this movie was one of his unsung gems and one could only wonder at what he might have given us.


Reviewed by Doylenf 7 / 10

Terrific performances...sentimental comedy on mother/son relationship...

ONLY THE LONELY gives such rich roles to JOHN CANDY and MAUREEN O'HARA as an Irish mother and son enduring a love/hate relationship while his outspoken mother "tells it like it is" to anyone who stands between her and her son. This includes the girl he's smitten with, a shy, introverted type (ALLY SHEEN) who wants him to stop putting his mother first under any and all situations.

He's constantly imagining bad things happening to his mother if he neglects her (and this leads to some funny, imaginative moments that have him imagining the nightmarish things that happen when he turns his back on her). All of these incidents are vividly portrayed and given substance and wit by a clever script and some very truthful performances from the entire cast.

MAUREEN O'HARA is so perfect as the hateful mother with her bigoted view of "that Dago girl" that she should have had at least an Oscar nomination for her feisty portrayal. JOHN CANDY creates a really sympathetic character as the man hopelessly in love with the quiet girl his mother despises. ANTHONY QUINN gives a gentle, finely shaded performance of the man next door who loves Maureen from afar and JOHN BELUSHI is excellent as Candy's worker friend.

It's a good mixture of comedy and drama that never becomes too mawkish or sentimental and exposes some of the hypocrisies of human nature that are not often shown on screen.

Well worth watching for the performances alone.

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