Onmyoji: The Yin Yang Master


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 1460

based on novel or book exorcism

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Hiroyuki Sanada as Douson
Hideaki Itô as Minamoto no Hiromasa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by InzyWimzy 9 / 10

Fun, well-made film

This one definitely had me from start to finish. It introduces the Onmyoji and definitely draws you into their world. The costumes and setting are stunning with vibrant colors and makes the time period look authentic. Mitsumishi is my favorite with her chirpy, fluttering nature while Lady Aone really shines as a woman with deep sorrow. Seimei and Hiromaki have this friendly rapport which shows the bond of friendship the two share; almost brotherlike. Hideaki Ito does well here and didn't recognize him as same actor in Blister and the Princess Blade. Overall, Seimei's carefree, yet enigmatic nature and brave (yet naive) Lord Hiromaki form this chemistry which provides for funny moments. Plus, relationships enfold as the story progresses. The CG effects amplify this eerie magical world, but are not overdone which is a credit to the film as well.

Overall, Onmyoji is surprisingly a great example of modern japanese cinema. Great story, characters, I definitely want to see the sequel.

Reviewed by ebiros2 6 / 10

Mystic Action Movie Japanese Style

The movie's main character Seimei Abe was a real 11th century historical figure, but his life is shrouded in mystery. He is known to be the master of Onmyodo, or the way of yin and yang. He appears as the good guy that protects the emperor and other people who he associates with in this movie.

The movie is a period piece, but it's arranged to look modern, and appeals to the young and old alike. Abe no Seimei (Mansai Nomura) must work in a society where supernatural forces were still part of its landscape. He is on call to solve supernatural problems that occurs to the nobilities of the time including the newly born emperor's son.

The movie is beautifully made. There aren't heavy action in this movie, but the entire story is a sequence of intriguing events. Abe no Seimei goes on a competition with another onmyoji, and proves that he's the top in his field. He's then sought after to solve mysterious occurrences around the palace.

Acting by Mansai Nomura is spot on as Abe no Seimei. Other actors are equally good in their supporting roles. Movie is shot beautifully, but lacks realism, and appears more like a fantasy.Seimei is an unusual hero who the closest equivalent might be Marvel's Dr. Strange. If you like mystic adventure, this movie is for you.

Reviewed by tkleeman 10 / 10

Superb recreation of Heian Japan

Contrary to some of the more unfavorable comments, this is Japanese movie, has nothing to do with the Chinese genre of wuxia or martial hero movie, and does not prominently feature martial arts. Instead, it is a movie about an Onmyoji or Master or Yin and Yang, an ancient Japanese master of the occult arts, including exorcism, necromancy, foreknowledge, etc. The recreation of these arts is quite authentic and the movie is suitable for use in the classroom to help students understand the jumble of Chinese Daoism and Indian Buddhism that made up Chinese esoteric learning for the early Japanese. The hero, Abe no Seimei, is played by a noted Noh actor. His style is arresting, so mannered that it might seem artificial. But in this performance it gives Seimei an otherworldly, superhuman air that ads mystery to the character. If you rent it on DVD, be sure to choose to hear it in Japanese with subtitles rather than in the dubbed version. Much of the magic depends on chants and spells and I can't imagine how they could have dubbed those. THis movie requires close attention to follow the story, but it is worth it. An engrossing story of a totally different world, where the fate of nations is determined by sorcerers and wrathful spirits, and imperial forces rely as much on exorcists and priests as on generals. Highly recommended.

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