Open Season 2


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
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Jane Krakowski as Giselle
Billy Connolly as McSquizzy
Joel McHale as Elliot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Johan Dondokambey 5 / 10

Still not quite a good entertainment

It's still not quite funny as it's intended to be. The story strays father from the original look at hunting to those of wild versus domestic animals. The change in the voice actor cast is also very noticeable. Strange enough that though Ashton Kutcher wasn't even that funny on the first movie, the voice actor filling in for his shoes as Elliot doesn't really get near what Kutcher has done for it. So do for Boog. Here Boog loses his rather chilled out lazier mood and got replaced with a more active Boog. It's quite logical considering this movie sets about one year after the first, but still it's strange considering that Boog still retains his body shape and weight, LOL.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

Franchise losing steam

Elliott (Joel McHale) is getting married to Giselle (Jane Krakowski). His rack of antlers is broken once again. Dog Mr Weenie has escaped his owners to be wild. When his owners recapture him, Elliott decide to rescue him. The gang of wild animals must journey to the pet resort before Mr Weenie is completely brainwashed.

First off, they recast the voices. It's obvious that this is a franchise being downgraded. The animation hasn't changed. The level of danger is much lower. The stakes at risk seems much lower. It is full of bright colors but dull silly story. It's definitely a franchise lowering their expectations.

Reviewed by kai ringler 4 / 10


our funny animals are back for another round in the sequel to Open season,, I wish that the writers would have had a different storyline,,, because this one didn't click with me,, one of our favorite characters is in love and very happy,, our little deer friend is boasting about his rack / antlers,, and when he falls down his rack breaks,, and therefore his pride,, the "girl" he is interested in wants him to marry her,, and he has a big fear of commitment,, meanwhile, one of our animals is kidnapped by some human pet lovers,, trying to convert him to make him a "Pet" and not a wild animal, so all of the animal kingdom get together to try and find their friend,,, it would seems to me that this sequel was rushed and put out the door as soon as poosible,, this could have been a better movie with a different storyline,, I din't hate the movie,, there is some very funny stuff in here, and some parts are rather enjoyable to watch,, but as a whole the movie does disappoint.

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