Open Season 3


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
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Anastasia Baranova as Additional Voices
Ciara Bravo as Giselita
Jeff Bennett as Earl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 3 / 10

cheaper animation

Boog finds himself alone as everybody has other personal commitments. He goes into civilization and is tricked into joining a Russian traveling circus. His friends are tricked by the doppelganger.

I'm pretty sure that the animation is much cheaper than the original. It is every bit the straight to video video. Even the designs are uglier. The original's animation is not that good either but this is worst. Boog and his friends are separated for most of the movie which takes away its chemistry advantage. The new characters are not that appealing. This is a B-level sequel of a B-level franchise.

Reviewed by Dansmith14 7 / 10

Fell Down On Distribution

It's a shame Hollywood is churning out so many films these days; this was a formulaic film that ticked all the right boxes but ended up in the bargain tub.

Lots of good things come up in basements and bargain bins; and I hope someone digs this out and at least gives it an airing on TV.

Many actors do their best work; Stallone, Italian Stallion, Madonna, A Certain Sacrifice; which find their way into video shops, but are too graphic for young people; but not dirty enough for teenagers.

Anyway; one of the great directors said: "they are like orphaned children and you love them a little bit more."

Reviewed by The Strict Movie Reviewer 4 / 10

Open Season 3: The trilogy is ruined.

This ruined the series for me. Why. Just why?? In the movie, they added a lot of characters that we did NOT know or heard about. Even in Open Season: Scared Silly, they disappear!! In Open Season 3, there were some scenes that were unnecessary. For instance, in the start of the move, Boog, wakes up from a cave?? Since when did he lived in a cave?? Anyways, he gets excited for "one day of guy's trip." Then, he goes outside and start to shake his butt. WHY? That was extremely unnecessary and uncalled for. And remember Elliot and Giselle? They had KIDS!! And Guess what? In the ending of the movie, EVERYBODY SHAKE'S THERE BUTT!!! WHO MADE THESE SCENES!!!??? WHO DID IT AND WHY!!!??? Then boog goes to a circus for some reason and makes friends with a LAMA and a TWIN VERSION of boog named Doug. Okay then. Then in one scene, boog falls in love with a character (i forgot what her name was.) But she thinks that Boog is Doug. Boog tries to tell her, but she never listens. Elliot, Ian, and the rest of the gang try to save Boog from going to....Russia???? In conclusion, I think this was a movie we didn't ask for and to be the worst movie of the whole series!

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