Operation Cupcake



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Kristy Swanson as Janet Carson
Dean Cain as Griff Carson
William R. Moses as General Brown
Donna Pescow as Sheila
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Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10

Operation Cupcake Tastes So Good ****

Off on a military leave while the army evaluates a possible promotion to general, a man returns to his family and immediately causes chaos in all their lives due to his regimented ways.

He thinks he is going to run his home as Captain Von Trapp did before meeting up with Fraulein Maria in "The Sound of Music."

He nearly wrecks his wife's business in producing cupcakes and interferes with his teenage children's lives. While this is done in comical fashion, the point is beautifully driven home that home and the military are totally two different ways of life.

Nice seeing an older Donna Pescow as a worker in the bakery who is able to finally get our military man to come to his senses. Pescow, though obviously is older now, is as perky as she was in the memorable "Saturday Night Fever" bridge scene or as Angie in that hit television show so many years ago.

This film really explores old traditional American values while showing a faithful wife. Though their marriage is strained by what he does, everything comes out sensibly in this well-done film.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

It's either up or out

Army Colonel Dean Cain has been told by his commander General William R. Moses that there might be a star in his future as well. So with him on the short list for general he takes some leave and goes home to be with wife Kristy Swanson and his two kids.

I have to say this was one unusual service family. Why Swanson and the kids were not living on post with him escapes me completely. She does however run a nice little bake shop where cupcakes and coffee are served, cooked with the loving hand of Donna Pescow.

Idleness is not his thing so with Swanson tied up with some town business Cain goes to work helping out at the cupcake place. Let us say that the military mind was not really suited to the kind of business his wife runs. A number of comic situations ensue.

Operation Cupcake has some amusing moments and fans of the leads will no doubt enjoy the film. Best performance in the film is that of Ryan Bittle who is a real snake in the grass looking to take advantage of a potential rift with Cain and Swanson.

Cain prevails of course, but he ain't no superman.

Reviewed by brandonbart-64872 3 / 10

Emasculation hidden as comedy

Sorry, I've NEVER given a bad review to one of these movies, in fact I've never written one.

The emascultion, lack of respect and absolute disdain shown by his family is disgusting.

I FULLY understand that there is a period of adjustment for veterans returning home, and i understand the movie was written this way for an eventual happy ending. The relationship between Janet and Thad is incredibly borderline for this type of movie. When an 8 year old turns to ask if shes having an affair as soon as Thad says OUR Janet. Something is very wrong.

Oof i could go on.

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