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Mischa Barton as Pamela Miller
Luke Goss as Jeremy Miller
Ving Rhames as Richard
Michael Paré as Howard
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P/S 2 / 10

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AndryX7 4 / 10

"911. What's your emergency?" Save me from this movie.

Let me start saying that I will avoid any spoiler but I will still get my point across.

This movie is not a realistic thriller-drama because it is so full of unrealistic events, from start to finish. Plot seemed interesting but it fell short rather quickly, featuring boring characters and most importantly a boring story. Ving Rhames is the only actor who manages to stand out positively. Special effects stand out too, but in a negative way because they are bad.

The soundtrack was satisfying and the ending was enjoyable, the last 15/20 minutes. Another positive fact? It lasts less than 90 minutes.

(4 stars out of 10)

Reviewed by nealclover 10 / 10

Mischa at her best

I am a huge fan of Mischa Barton and have been since I saw her in the O.C. and love her in films too. The Operator for me was one of the best performances I have seen Mischa do in a long time. She played Pamela Miller so good that I wish she was at the other end of any call you made to the police. Ving Rhames as the villain was a brilliant move. Luke Goss has made the move from pop-star to film- star and seems to have pulled it off. The film itself is really gripping and has a feel of an 80's or 90's action thriller which in those days would have starred Bruce Willis and maybe even Naomi Watts in the Mischa Barton role. Here's the spoiler part, the plot is a typical child abduction story-line where the father is a cop and the mother is the operator and she sends her husband to different locations were a crime is going to be committed. The action was good in the style of Die Hard and worth a watch without wasting any time. I would recommend this film to those who either enjoy action or like any of the cast members. No sex or nudity in this film but I think it didn't need either of those anyway. 10 out of 10 I gave it and I'd watch it again.

Reviewed by adi_2002 4 / 10

What's your emergency?

Pamela works as a 911 operator and she just get the chance to work in a higher position but the misfortune is when a mysterious caller contacts her and treats with a few major accidents that are about to happen. Her husband is a police officer and she will need his help to prevent this tragedy to happen. Things are truly complicated when she discovers that her little daughter is kidnapped and threats Pamela that he will not hesitate to kill her if she doesn't follow his orders.

The first 40 minutes can be found interesting but then it becomes dull. Also has a big coincidence in it like Pamela's husband to be the officer who she will be in contact all the time. Then we have these unrealistic story in witch a man could so easy have access to an important building such the one reserved to emergency calls.

The big "hit" is the car chase at the end witch look so animated and cartooned. As for the acting I guess the best was Ving Rhames. We all know that the roles of a bad boy suits him very well. As for the other they looked a little bored with their parts.

I don't know if this is the biggest disappointment from 2015 but surely one of the weakest movies I've seen this year.

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