Our Father's Keeper



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peggysue422 8 / 10

Helpful story to better understand Alzheimer's.

This movie was very sweet and enjoyable. I just wish the homeless girl would have gotten some real help in the end, as this is also a huge problem in society. Especially with so much horrific child trafficking happening. I would have given it 10 stars if she had been helped.

Reviewed by abondgirl 10 / 10

Shayla McCaffrey is amazing in this!!!!

I loved this movie so much. What a heartfelt movie. Both the acting and plot were great. However, I felt that Shayla McCaffrey, the teenage girl who helped David (The father) was just amazing. She is such a beautiful, bright light. I look forward to watching more things that she is in. She just made me want to give her a big hug. Loved the dad in the movie also.

Reviewed by manager-36 3 / 10

A selfish family

A man with dementia wanders off. The Police say they can't do anything for 24 hours, even though he has dementia. A son tells the whole family to sleep while he goes out with a little child to search for his dad. So it's ok for a little girl to stay up late, but everyone else should sleep while the man is out in the winter without a coat, lost and hungry.

2 boys give up 2 days to search for him. In the end they find him and bring him home. But they are just ignored in the driveway - no real thank you and no reward.

The 13 year old homeless girl who took him in, providing food, clothing and warmth, is also out of the story once he's found. Her dream is to become a Nurse, and to have a family.

No chance of that with this selfish family. They can't even be bothered to go back to see who was taking care of him. So she's still homeless, no family and no future.

All in all, a movie about a selfish and thankless family.

How hard would it have been to simply thank the boys and give them a small reward, then return to the site where he was staying and find the girl? Clearly she could connect with the man and help him. So give her home, an education and improve the man's quality of life. Sad ending because of a thankless family.

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