Our Lady of Lust

1972 [ITALIAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevinevarney 4 / 10

Cristiana, you are just not cut out to be a nun

The special effects are not great. It starts off in an airliner in which Cristiana is having sex with another passenger in full view of all the other passengers. The airliner rolls, pitches and yaws too quickly to be realistic. Then when one of the engine catches fire the flames seem rather too big and not blown rearwards by the air stream. Whatever caused the plane to do that, Cristiana credits God with sparing their lives and resolves to become a nun. It is a spur of the moment decision she comes to regret, because she is not cut out for the cloistered life. She is the sort of young woman St Paul would have advised to marry rather than attempt celibacy, although keeping her marriage vows would have been a challenge for her. So things do not work out at the convent. She was just not cut out for it. That is what I think happened because the version I saw did not have subtitles.

I quite liked it, despite its crumminess. In the nunsploitation league it is hovering above the relegation zone. I liked what they showed us. There are topless nuns, but sadly no nude nuns.

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