Our Time Machine


Documentary / Drama / Family

IMDb Rating 7.7 10 120

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anirban-mukherjee 10 / 10

A fantastic movie

An incredibly poignant movie. All of us have a parent, an uncle, a sister, a spouse, aging and struggling to age gracefully. They capture all of this perfectly. It's beautifully done and a story that almost feels like it's bordering between a feature film and a documentary in the sense of the movie becoming the final play of its own, immortalising what a play can never do.

Reviewed by shihenw 8 / 10

Such a beautiful story

Our Time Machine is a beautiful father-son story. It talks about all the things we experience in life. Suffering, struggles, joy, and the wisdom to let go.

Reviewed by danielostling-12629 10 / 10

A beautiful film.

From the opening sequence (which brought tears to my eyes) to the final scene (which revealed a simple profound revelation) I was engrossed. The film spoke to me on so many levels- as an artist, as a middle-aged man, and as someone who is dealing with aging parents.

For me the tension that is laid bare is a paradox- that the most valuable thing an artist can give those in his life is their work, and that the making of that work pulls us away from those very people we want to share with. To see this passed from father to son is heartbreaking- but also maybe the most beautiful gift a father could give to his son.

The film is also gorgeous- The Maleonn's puppet world is so detailed and obsessive and beautiful; you want to climb in and never leave (which is the goal). But Chiang's and Sun's cinematography and structure adds another layer of magic and beauty; creating a mysterious, dreamlike, lush, layered, surprising film that pulls us in.

I also really appreciated the intimacy that the filmmakers achieved with the family. The camera captures moments that are almost unbearable to watch, but I didn't feel the filming was exploitive, but had a gaze of empathy and love.

Reading what I wrote, I am struck by how inadequately my words reflect my deep experience of the film. OUR TIME MACHINE grapples with large, universal human issues: wanting our lives to matter, wanting to stop our parents (and our own) march towards death, wanting to find something or someone that makes us feel whole.

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