Our Wild Hearts


Family / Western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cindyhebert 1 / 10

Malibu girl meets rancher dad

**Spoiler** I wanted to love this movie. After all, who doesn't love Ricky Schroder and horses? I've probably seen every movie he has made and couldn't wait on this one. I was so disappointed in it, however, I couldn't finish watching it.

There were just too many plot holes. Who lets a 15 year old girl travel alone to an address of a man she has never met, not even knowing if he still lives there? She popped in right at supper time and within 5 minutes of arriving decided she was ready for bed, once again in the home of a man she's never met.

The neighbors stole Ricky's horse and he just let them take it. The neighbors also shot at the horse and girl, which is attempted murder. Once again, no cops called. It takes a long time to break a horse and he was broke overnight. Ricky Schroder is a fine actor, but his kids not so much. The story was so predictable that I didn't bother to watch the ending, but the acting was really bad. If you like cheesy movies and don't care how bad the acting is or the dozen plot holes, this is an okay movie to watch.

Reviewed by Prismark10 3 / 10

Horse on the run

Our Wild Hearts is a Schroeder family affair. Ricky directs it and also co-wrote it with his wife.

His kids have various roles. His daughter Cambie plays a privileged Malibu teen who travels to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to meet up with her long lost father and bonds with a spirited wild mustang.

Her father Jack an honest to goodness rancher is intent on catching the horse in order to sell him. The daughter wants to let him run free. His neighbouring greedy rancher try every means fair or foul to capture the mustang.

Apparently this was one of the highest rated Hallmark films when it premiered which is a bit like being the tallest dwarf in a midget competition.

Some of the ethics displayed in the film is appalling. Never Mind the question of capturing the wild horse, Martin Kove who plays the greedy rancher and his kids should had been arrested for all the laws they break. It seems Kove must have been a black ops specialist in a former life who has been granted Presidential immunity because the Sheriff should had ran him and his no good family out of town.

Ricky gets as mileage as he can as the put upon but honest to goodness rancher trying to get through hard times and pressure put on by Kove.

The film is also low budget which you can tell as it was a cloudy day when they filmed at the beach. Just a shame the cast were required to sunbathe in a clearly overcast day.

Reviewed by rlshortline 1 / 10

Would not recommend

Who in the world breaks a horse by tying up its front legs and leaving it lay on the ground like that overnight?!? I have never known of anyone doing that in the real world. When the girl is riding the wild horse, the father comes up and makes big motions and yells. Anyone who knows anything about horses knows that's the #1 way to spook a horse. This girl shows up and says she is his daughter. He just takes it as the truth and doesn't check it out? Read the Goofs section for more.

Extremely unrealistic.

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