Out of Bounds


Action / Crime / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JohnnyMarsan 7 / 10

Long Lost 80's Classic

Daryl Cage (Anthony Michael Hall), is an Iowa farm boy who chooses to leave home and live in Los Angeles with his brother. At the airport in Los Angeles, Daryl's duffel bag is accidentally switched with one containing a drug dealer's heroin. Consequently, Daryl's brother and his girlfriend are murdered, but the police mistakenly suspect Daryl of the crime. He becomes the prime suspect of his brother's murder and must clear his own name. He reaches out to the only person he knows in L.A., Dizz (Jenny Wright), who he met earlier on the plane. With Dizz's help he must also rid himself of the heroin by tracking down the dealer and finding his brother's killer.

This movie is really hard to find. I don't think it was ever released on DVD. I recently caught it on the Sony Movie Channel and had to save it on my DVR. I hadn't seen it in so long and it really brought me back. There is some great scenery of 80's Los Angeles. This movie made me fall in love with Jenny Wright and Jeff Kober is a great villain as usual. Lookout for an appearances by Stiles from Teen Wolf and Siouxsie and the Banshees!!!

Reviewed by PeterMitchell-506-564364 8 / 10

A slice of L.A.s underworld, action '86 style

I admit, there are parts of this movie which are incredibly dumb. A lot of it owes, the incredibly poor script. But I really liked the fast paced flow of the movie. And we have a new action hero, Anthony Michael Hall. Yeah, right? Yeah too f..in' right. He rocks in the movie, that's a perfect vehicle for him, after the string of John Hughes films prior. He plays a farm boy, Daryl, in Iowa, and we see his miserable self, out there on the tractor working the farm. Some youngies speeding along in a red convertible, yell something to him, from a far, though I couldn't make out what it was, but I'm pretty sure they were dissing him. His parents have been arguing over Daryl's future, and we get a taste of their fracas's. At the advice of his Mother, he's sent out to L.A. to live with his brother. After having some wet dreams on the plane, he meets a would be actress, Dizz, sitting next to him. He makes one fatal mistake that costs him his older brother and fiancée's life, only the start of a bigger body count in the film, though we can't forget the poor sod at the start, who also made the fatal mistake of being a savior to the wrong guy, a drug trafficker, and psychopathic Kober, a great character actor of evil. Daryl had picked up the wrong duffel bag, an identical one to his-what are the chances? This bag worth killing for, contains H. Now, you're asking yourself, how did Kober not find Daryl at his brothers. He was in a segregated outhouse concealed coolly by a hedge. Now Daryl's on the run, with the H, and it isn't long before he's up to his neck in trouble. But this is the thrill ride, Hall, hijacking a bikie was great stuff, while nearly being blown away by a cop, while making a righteous phone call. He's soon reunited with Dizz, his only chance, of clearing himself, and taking pr..k Kober down. We really get to see a bit of L.A's underworld, Dizz and Daryl, putting it out there, he has what Kober's after, and soon enough they're being pursued by this psycho, where in the mean time, more bodies show up + a dead mouse, crushed by Kober's merciless hand. I though the way Kober died was stupid though, with Daryl, just happening to be a champion knife thrower. OOB has some pumping rock scores too, but I liked the energy of the film, regardless of the stupidity or realism, but the latter is not really why we go to the movies, now is it.

Reviewed by Lonesomewolf 10 / 10

Marvelously awesome thriller with great style!!!

This movie has been a favorite of mine ever since I first saw it when I was seven years old. It was released in the summer of 1986 and I still remember being at a local video store with one of my brothers and noticing a movie poster for it displayed in one of the windows. When I realized that Anthony Michael Hall was the star of the show, I was astounded because everything else I had seen him in before Out Of Bounds was a comedy. Even though I was not permitted to watch anything R rated as far as my folks were concerned, my brother agreed to rent the movie for me so that we could watch it together while our parents weren't home. I watched it with him and loved every minute of it. Anthony Michael Hall's name in the movie was Daryl Cage and he was the heroic main character. The whole time I was hoping that he was going to conquer the bad guy as my pulse was pounding during the thrillingly intense scenes and I was relieved and happy when he did in the end. I must admit however, Anthony Michael Hall didn't do a very good job of acting in some parts of this movie but he was enjoyable to watch. Jenny Wright who played the part of Dizz was beautiful with her punk rocker hair style and sexy natural curves. Jeff Kober played Roy Gaddis who of course was the bad guy that killed Daryl's brother and sister in law. Jeff sure is a handsome guy and he did a fantastic job portraying the role of the scuzzy psychotic drug dealer. Another thing I love about the movie is the brief appearance by Siouxsie And The Banshees performing "Cities In Dust" in the Dirtbox Bar. All together this movie is exhilaratingly entertaining and one of the best ones I've ever seen. Out Of Bounds rocks!!!

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