Out of Control


Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 4.4 10 413

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Jim Youngs as Cowboy
Betsy Russell as Chrissie Baret
Sherilyn Fenn as Katie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wiskerskitty88 10 / 10

hey is it out on tape or DVD still

hello , to whom it may concern , i would like to get this movie to own , but i am not sure if it is available to own on DVD or VHS ... i love this movie and i would love to know how to get it at a price that is not to out there . if you know what i mean .. well anyway i love the hair styles and the clothes and all the actor's and actresses they are all great i love Jim Youngs he is my favorite well any way hope someone can answer my question .. [email protected] if you can answer me i would love it thanks. and i love this movie i am a big fan of Jim Youngs and i use to watch this movie everyday all day the minute i woke up till i went to sleep , sometimes i would stay up all night watching it because i loved it so much thanks again

Reviewed by Sack-3 5 / 10

1980s time capsule

This flick is hilarious to watch today. The bad outfits, the bad hair, the gratuitous nudity! It's everything a teen wanted. Sure the plot is not in Oscar contention, but this is entertaining bad TV and eye candy. There is also one (at least!) editing screw up of note: when you get your one and only overhead shot of the entire deserted island, the picture is taken from a mountain on a nearby island (or more likely the mainland). You can see branches at the bottom of the screen! Oops.

Reviewed by gridoon2021 5 / 10

Fairly entertaining low-budget teen action pic, set on a deserted (almost....) island. Rather amateurishly made, but it has some surprisingly tender moments. The characters are stereotypical, but also believable. Best thing about it: the catchy title theme that is SO wonderfully mid-1980s. ** out of 4.

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