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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FinneganBear 5 / 10

A very poor movie, but.........................

A very trite story. A comedy with few laughs. Lots of familiar faces in an attempt to attract viewers despite the thin plot. It's difficult to imagine anyone watching this movie and feeling it was time well spent. But while I can't recommend this Comedy Central TV movie, it has the distinction of being a long overdue vehicle for Milana Vayntrub ("Lily" in the AT&T commercials).

Vayntrub carries the film (such as it is) with the lead role and does a fine job, coming off as cute, sweet and interesting. She deserves better than "Out of Office." Hopefully, this will lead to other--better--projects for this talented actress.

Reviewed by bkkaz 3 / 10

Intensely Bad

Okay, so if you even casually watch Comedy Central, then you've seen at least a billion ads for this "movie," to the point that you were probably sick of it before it even aired. Such is the ADHD repetitiveness of cable TV. You may even have avoided watching it for that reason. If so, wise move. Let me give you another reason to avoid watching it: It's pretty awful.

Imagine if someone was doing an amateurish fan version of The Office. It would still be better than this dreck, even though this dreck has some of The Office's alums involved. Shame on them. SHAME ON THEM. The whole thing feels like a low-budget Canadian imitation of an American show, and I apologize to Canadians, with their beady eyes and flapping heads, for having to make the comparison to this "movie."

For Out of Office (get it?), they've recycled most of the same characters, just in different form. The Michael Scott-type incompetent boss is played here by Ken Jeong, someone whose schtick amounts to the same itchy hamming and mugging as in everything else he does. The Jim character is played by SNL's Jay Pharoah, who despite being one of that show's most talented performers was somehow written out while Aidy Bryant chugged along like an icebreaker. Pam is Alina Vayntraub, whose smarmy combination of Zoe Deschanel's awkwardness and Anna Kendrick's undeserved confidence will help you understand why she's most famous for phone commercials. Dwight Shrute is Leslie Jones, both in size and attitude. There are others, too, but really, who cares.

I don't think I laughed once, and while I'm kind of a tough crowd when it comes to comedy, it's rare that I don't even chuckle. This is a show for people who not only like the familiar -- you know, like The Office -- but laugh more because they're supposed to than because anything is really funny. The jokes here fall into one of two categories: 1) The obvious, 2) The nonsensical.

And I'm not talking about funny and satisfying nonsensical like, say, Bill Murray's da-da-istic routines or Mitch Hedberg's droll stoner observations. I'm talking nonsensical like how do comic book shops stay in business or Shia LaBoeuf having a career. This is a "movie" where people do things merely because the script says so, like taking a dump out a window in broad daylight when the bathroom is down the hall. See, that's supposed to be funny, so just roll with it.

If this "movie" is meant to be a pilot for a TV series, maybe it will get better. I can't see it getting worse. The production looks like it was filmed with an iPhone on location, so it couldn't be costing much unless they're paying the cast millions. In that case, SHAME ON THEM.

Reviewed by stanfunky 3 / 10

Awful. Don't waste your time.

No plot, bad acting, feels like an overlong sitcom episode or a backdoor pilot for a potential series. The characters do nothing to move it along. Ken Jeong is especially grating and nowhere close to funny in this. Jason Alexander is present, but gets too little time and has nothing to do when he's on screen. Milana Vayntrub of "Lily AT&T" fame is somewhat miscast as the lead, would be better as a supporting character. This suffers from lack of story and bad acting all around. Don't bother watching, it's nothing more than another Comedy Central attempt to get a series and capitalize off a few 'names'.

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