Out of Sync

2021 [SPANISH]

Drama / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 770

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Plot summary

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December 02, 2022 at 11:07 PM

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Miki Esparbé as Iván
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AvionPrince16 5 / 10

A story of an Ilness or a sync problem?

I need to say that im pretty disappointed. The movie itself dont have a real story behind it: its just a movie where a woman suffer from a sync problem: i dont know if someone else experienced that: is it a real sickness? Or just did it for the movie? I dont really know but with that problem this is the main interest of the movie and the huge disappointment too. They did it because this kind of problem can give an original point of view and give a different experience visually and in the sound too. But beside that we are experiencing a new way to see and to feel things the movie is really boring and dont have anything else to say except that. Thats the biggest problem of this movie. For example, Memento give us to see a man who have amnesia and the camera shots and the structure follow his sickness. Thats good but they also put a story where we can see in the real situation how it can become dramatic and realise that the man is chasing himself because he already killed the killer of his wife and thats a twist that make us think about the whole problem of this sickness. But for the movie out of sync except the description of the sickness it really have nothing in it. The story is really empty; yes she get hired again in the company but thats all. I really found the movie boring and meaningless. It could be so much more but the movie is very selfish and dont give something more meaningful. The movie could be a documentary and will be so much more interesting than the movie itself: to learn more of this problem ( if it really exist or not). Im completely disappointed and believe me that i am a real patient man but this one cant satisfy us in any point: characters, stories, plot, morality. A huge disappointment for me.

Reviewed by mejiadaniel-70925 9 / 10

beautiful and unexpected

First review I ever write in IMDB.

I had to, this movie is different, unexpected, sad and beautiful. It made me wonder, it made me uncomfortable, it made me smile and it touched me.

Spoilers ahead (or not) It is a slow paced movie and requires patience and attention, but it is probably the best movie about witches I have seen in a long time, if not ever!

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