Out on a Limb



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Nancy Lenehan as Miss Clayton
Mickey Jones as Virgil
David Margulies as Mr. Buchenwald
Heidi Kling as Sally
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by helpless_dancer 8 / 10

A barrel of fun and laughs

An executive leaves his hometown to complete a $140M deal. Along the way he loses his wallet which contains the main ingredient for closing the deal. While trying to get the wallet back he meets every manner of opposition and zany characters. I really liked Jim & Jim and the Siskle & Ebert clones. One of the funniest comedies I ever saw. 4 stars.

Reviewed by peterrifkin 8 / 10

Finaly got it!

There are some films that i grew up on that i still love today. Silly comedies to many people like "Who's Harry Crumb", "The Burbs" and many others. I´ve had great memories of this movie since i owned it on a tv-recorded VHS back in the early nineties, and now i finally found it on a DVD at Amazon, some vault version edition.

The reason i ordered it is because of the good memories, watching it many times. And thankfully this is one of those that has survived the test of time. At least for me. And if you dont´t get it, you just don't.

The humor is at times clownish, but still it has some great moments. Jeffrey Jones in his prime, no doubt. Thinking the dog is named Marcy, telling "maybe they should put her to sleep" when it´s Broderick´s sister. Just those little things making it actually pretty smart. But then again you have to get the tiny suddle humor-thingsto appreciate it.

Cool stuff: Broderick´s sister has "The terror whitin" and "Nightmare 4"-posters on the walls. It´s cool to see that the director wanted to build her as a horror-freak, and the storyline is actually a crimestory done the parody fun way.

Just a great revisiting, and YES i will watch this many more times.

Reviewed by SLVSteve 2 / 10

For the locals...

For those of us that lived thru those weeks of filming in town and around the Valley - lest we not forget the tedious days of road closures and "film-making". As a reminder to those that live here - locales include Boulder Creek, Bonny Doon, Davenport, Big Basin. etc. The bank was the BC firehouse; chase scenes included Moon Drive off Hwy 236, Empire Grade Rd, and Hwy 1.

Production: Jeffrey Jones was the most approachable, Matt Broderick was above us all - even back then. As far as the film goes - a joke of a script and even a bigger laugh regarding acting and plot - but who cares at this level. A nice time capsule for those that enjoy our coast and valley scenery.

Additional notes; Joe's Bar (Jed's Tavern in the film), original name of the film was Welcome to Buzzsaw - the Old Erba's parking lot was the town square, the backyard shots were off of Grove Street in Boulder Creek; turn off the thinking cap and see a few actors in their early days.

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